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  • They're busy ladies. And now now, we do try! But in essence when you get down to it a mass thread, and individual threads sound the same usage wise. Though the section not being user friendly loses me, how is it not? And this is me asking for your earnest opinion, no worries.

    And I'm sorry for your loss? xD;
    Well for one I never been on Serebii. I have no idea how their system works. :p But really the thing with mass trading threads is that some posts do get ignored and buried. So what then? As opposed to single threads user can bump them for how ever long they please as long as they obey the five day wait we have. Though I'll be honest here, I don't see any issue with individual threads, I mean some users are kind and do help others out. But I will ask the other two for their opinion, that much I promise.

    And congratulations! :D
    Really? Besides you I never seen anyone else want a thread like this. But certainly if there's enough users demanding a thread like it, I'll talk to the other two trade mods. It certainly doesn't hurt to have a trial run I'd think. :)

    And what place is that?
    Why did it go from Professor Erin to Dolce? Simply put I choose the name because of her. Besides that I like candy and sweets. :p

    And for a revival of the thread I closed you mean?
    Oh that really is neat, I never had a shiny evolution line myself. x)

    Though thinking back I probably could have done that with the Clauncher I fished for, but nah.
    Oooooh I am soooo glad you found me here :3 it never occured to me to ask you if you had an account here :3 :3 your shiny Gardevoir is waiting for you :3
    Haha good job! Did you find him in the Friend Safari? I've found a shiny Emolga and Dedenne through the Friend Safari as well as chain fishing shinies. :3
    Oh! But the promotion for the event Torchic is still going on! Did you buy your game used or something?
    Thank you again for the Cyndaquil! I would just like another Gen 2-4 starter, please!
    Haha yeah I know I keep forgetting. Thank you so much!! Are you free to trade now?
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