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  • I see you took my advice and got an avatar! Either that, or you were already planning to. Either way, it's awesome!
    I almost didn't recognize your posts now that you have an avatar. Nice one, btw, Ghost Trick is a great game.
    Why don't you have an avatar? Is it a fashion statement? Is it because you can't find a good picture? Is it because you're a slave to a man in Italy and he's permitting you to use Internet as long as you never get an avatar?
    Hey! ^-^ You were the one who explained EV's to me. Can you help me understand them better and tell me why they're so important?
    Yo! Figured I would send you this, since you said you would try translating, if you had a video. We can't post streams on the forum threads, so I'll just give it to you here and you can take a look, if you feel like it.

    Here it is. I think the part that everyone is interested in starts at ~59:00. Warning, it's a little laggy.
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