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  • So a team out of those favorites would be my two all-time favorites, Mammoswine and Quagsire, with

    But ones with common weaknesses, like Tyranitar or Lucario, make me so nervous because my style is to exploit weaknesses and STAB. The second I send Tyranitar out with something that I know has a wide movepool, I start panicking because I'm sure they prepared for known competitors and will exploit any weakness I have.
    Wooper/Quagsire and Swinub/Piloswine/Mammoswine. Maybe I overlooked them, but I didn't see them anywhere. I'm also still trying to adjust to a wider pool of usable competition Pokemon, so there are probably a bunch that I think aren't competitive but actually are xD I also have favorites that are technically competitive, but not with the movesets I prefer to give them.

    I also like Pineco (but not Fortress), Ursaring, Lucario, Zoroark, Mew, Ho-Oh, Arcanine, Rapidash, Litwick (I thinks its evolutions are just kind of weird-looking), Sableye Ia friend who still competed told me a while back to not even think about going into a competitive battle with it, even though it's my favorite ghost-type), Rhydon (I do not like Rhyperior at all), Swalot (my only Poison-type love), Beararctic, Charizard,, Espeon, Shedinja, Sunflora, Feraligatr (I want to think he is competitive but I don't remember seeing him), Lapras, Slowbro, Ampharos, Dugtrio, Shuckle (I wish those weren't so terrible to battle with x_x), Tauros, Pidgeot (my first ever in-game sweeper, got murdered at higher levels though)...those are the ones I can list off the top of my head.

    I like some that I know are considered competitors, but using them either makes me nervous (double weaknesses or trying to adjust to the new features added since Gen II) or I just don't like giving them the moveset that makes them competitive.
    Braviary (I saw him on the list, but I still have the "no flying/normals" rule branded into my brain)
    Nidoking (He used to be a great competitor. I think he still is)
    Raikou (I know he's competitive unless you set up the optional no-legendaries rule, and I like trying to win without legendaries)
    Tyranitar (which I know is competitive, but his fighting/water weaknesses make me nervous. He's still my favorite big, vicious Pokemon, but he just gets creamed by dragons that know moves like blizzard all the time)
    Volcanrona (I get nervous sending a bug/fire into high-level battles)
    Just out of curiosity, what are your favorite Pokemon? You keep saying they're not considered competitive, but the Smogon tiers are set up in a way that most Pokemon will be able to shine somewhere.
    Oh, thank you! I took an almost ten-year hiatus from newer games (I've had a GBC since I was eight and I didn't get a new handheld until I got my DS last September) so while I've figured out in-game play and whatnot pretty quickly I'm still catching up with the newer battle culture and newer strategies. I appreciate the info.
    Here is what you need to know about the metagame; It is dominated by these following archetypes: Dragon (Dragonite), Fighting (Conkeldurr), Water (Jellicent), Steel (Scizor), Ground (Gliscor), Tanks (Metagross), Walls (Blissey), Lightning Bruisers (Infernape), and Hazard Entries (Stealth Rock). Here's the list of Pokemon who are the most used: OU (B/W) - Smogon University
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