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  • Happy New Year! We don't talk much my friend, and hopefully this will change.

    In meantime i would like to wish you all the best in 2014. achieving whatever you want.:)
    Nah you didn't annoyed me, i was in fact positively surprised being nice to know how im not the only one who appreciates older characters and acknowledge what they contributed to series. Sadly for most i cant say the same not caring about Misty or wanting to see her ever again in here disrespecting her importance and impact she left on franchise. Which was huge back in day with only real demand online existing for her return.
    Hi, i noticed that i received many likes to my posts from you. I would like to thank you, i appreciate that there are people which are interested in what i have to say.
    Hi! It's been quite a while - are you still active here? The Pokeshipping thread's going downhill pretty fast so it'd be great to see you around more often. Also, I really enjoyed our big conversation about Metallica :p
    My story? Well I guess I was introduced to Pokemon when I was about 5 or 6 through my friends who all watched the anime, then afterwards I started collecting the cards and eventually I started playing the games too. I used to have tons of videos too, but I have no idea where they went. I had no idea Pokemon games even existed when I first started liking Pokemon, but then again, I don't think they were advertised as much in Britain as in the US (they don't even sell the episode box sets over here, just Pokemon Chronicles). My first games were Gold and Silver, which I LOVED (seriously, the best Pokémon games to date in my opinion), then I got LeafGreen and, although I missed out Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl AND Platinum (for some stupid unknown reason) I became 're-obsessed' with Pokemon when I got HeartGold and Soulsilver. Best remakes of the best games :)
    And upon re-visiting Pokemon two or so years ago, it became clear all along that Misty was obviously intended as a love interest, otherwise they probably wouldn't have included her at all.

    My favourite Pokemon's probably Magneton (no idea why), although I really like Bulbasaur and Psyduck too.
    I forgot about Jigglypuff, I guess it's a good reason for why she'd be following them around for so long. And yeah there's that scene with Tracey in 'Wherefore Art thou, Pokemon?' which is always good no matter how many times you watch it :)

    Okay, quite unrelated question here but, when (and why) did you start liking Pokemon? Sorry for generalising here, but I always thought that Pokemon was more of a 'boy's thing' because of all the action and stuff. It's amazing how many girls are fans though...
    Ah yeah sorry, I didn't realise you hadn't seen Pokemon Chronicles. Questshipping is JimmyxMarina from a Chronicles special called 'The Legend of Thunder' (quite similar to Contestshipping), and while the whole 'date' thing from Handymanshipping is only mentioned in the dub, there's a scene only in the Japanese version where Tracey and Daisy are talking while fixing the pipes in the Gym (apparently it's quite shippy).

    I know this has been said in the thread a couple of times but: who in the anime do you think is a Pokeshipper? I mean there's obvious ones like Team Rocket (in the original series anyway) and Tracey, but what about characters of the day, gym leaders etc.?
    Honestly, I'm not sure whether or not Brock ever hinted at being a Pokéshipper. I like to think that he is, but I can't seem to pick out any scenes in particular where he's commented on it or teased them about it like Tracey did. Pity...

    And for the other question, realistically speaking I'd say Pokéshipping, Contestshipping, Rocketshipping and Questshipping have quite a good chance of becoming canon if they were to make any of them canon in the first place (and only Questshipping if either of them ever appear again).
    They're the main ones anyway, others could be Handymanshipping (TraceyxDaisy) and possibly Eldershipping (even though the thought of it is pretty gross). I just hope ones like Pearlshipping and Orangeshipping (my most hated shipping!) don't become canon.
    Yeah I love the Ghost of Maiden's Peak. And I'd forgotten about Forest Grumps and Duelling Heroes, but now you come to mention it, they're both really good hints too.

    How is Pokéshipping different from other ships? I'd say that would have to be the love/hate thing. It's that bitter arguing and deliberately winding each other up that just works somehow. And if you look quite closely, most of their arguments are quite flirtatious - they even look like they're enjoying it in some episodes. It also kinda differs from other love/hate shippings like Contestshipping because of that, the fact that they're purposely annoying each other for their own enjoyment. I like to think that they each think the other is cute when they're angry :D

    Got to say too, love the profile picture!
    Favourite hints? I'm gonna have to say Pokémon 2000, 'cause it was the first set of hints I saw, and in my opinion still the best today!

    I prefer the hints from Ash's side though because of how rare it is that Ash actually shows any understanding of love (that, and the fact that it's pretty much one-sided canon from Misty's side already :D). I like 'The Ghost of Maiden's Peak' for that nice little moment at the end, and all the jealousy ones like 'Navel Maneuvers', 'Princess vs Princess' and 'Misty Meets Her Match'. It's good to see that Ash is more protective of Misty than he is of eg. May, Dawn or Iris. How about you?
    I don't think it'll happen. I think if any shipping were to become canon, Pokeshipping would have to be it cause of the HUGE amount of hints, but the writers are far too obsessed with keeping it a 'kids show' and stopping kids from growing up with any sort of enlightenment at all. Sad but True, as Metallica would say XD

    It'd probably reduce the fanbase too. I remember when Digimon ended with MattxSora becoming canon and a lot of those viewers now say that Digimon was the worst anime ever. I doubt they'd want that kind of pay-cut unfortunately :)
    Honestly, I stopped watching after Misty left. I've seen a few AG episodes and 1 or 2 in DP, and I'm watching the BW season now. I think AG was the best apart from the original series. BW is alright, but as you said, it's not really funny anymore (although Cilan is brilliant!), and I didn't really like DP, partly because the episodes were quite boring and partly because I don't really like Dawn. I don't really like the new voice actors either, they really put me off watching it now.
    Yeah I know what you mean, I only really 'support' Pokeshipping. I do like a few other shippings though such as Contestshipping, Penguinshipping, Handymanshipping and Questshipping.
    Do you have a favourite season of the anime? I still like the Indigo League best, even though the Orange Islands is best for Pokeshipping. I just think it's so funny, cause all of the running gags like Brock's flirting and Ash's wrecking of bikes were still fresh and not overused. AND they had the original voice actors, which of course were amazing. Also some of the best Pokeshipping came from season 1 like The Ghost of Maiden's Peak and The Tower of Terror.
    Wow, that message was long... :p
    Yeah I don't mind Negaishipping as much as the other ones, but it still doesn't seem very likely. And Orangeshipping... I just hate it. I don't know why really, I don't hate Gymshipping as much as Orangeshipping, but the idea of Tracey and Misty together just infuriates me. For one thing, Tracey actually supported Pokeshipping in the anime!
    Egoshipping just seems like a desperate attempt at denouncing Pokeshipping - by pairing up all of the characters that had appeared in the anime so far just to keep the anti-Pokeshippers happy.
    I did wonder though: Which shippings other than Pokeshipping (if any) do you support?
    I hope you've got like an hour to read this, cause it's gonna be detailed... :)
    I used to watch the Original series on TV when I was younger, and because I didn't have that many friends, I felt a sort of 'connection' with Ash and Misty's characters, as if I'd adopted them as my 'friends'. I was too young to see all the romantic undertones in the episodes, though, and because i didn't have Fox Kids or Cartoon Network, I missed a lot of OS episodes. It was only when I saw Pokemon 2000 that I started to think that Pokeshipping was actually plausible (I didn't know it was called Pokeshipping, obviously).
    I support Pokeshipping partly for the nostalgic value (I'm a VERY nostalgic person) and partly because I've always been a fan of the 'love-hate' thing, which I could liken to pairings in real-people films like Han Solo/Princess Leia in Star Wars and Calamity Jane/Bill Hiccock in Calamity Jane. That's what sets Pokeshipping aside from Advanceshipping, Pearlshipping, Orangeshipping etc. in that the characters in those shippings are too nice to each other and none of those ships were made as blatantly obvious as Pokeshipping.
    The reason I don't support any other ship involving Ash or Misty is because of my own experiences. I had the biggest crush on a girl in my year all the way through primary school and high school. I've long since snapped out of it, but during that time I just couldn't picture myself with anyone else but her. In the same way, I find it impossible to picture Ash or Misty with anyone else apart from each other.
    Hope that cleared things up, haha :p
    Best Metallica album for me is the Black Album. I love Enter Sandman, Sad but True, The Unforgiven, Wherever I may Roam, Nothing Else matters and My Friend of Misery. I really like Death Magnetic too; I particularly like The End of the Line, The Day that Never Comes, All Nightmare Long, The Unforgiven III and Suicide and Redemption. I'd still have to say the Black Album is the best for me though, it's just such a shame the recording quality of the album isn't that great. Yours?
    Ah, that's a hard one :) I'm gonna have to say Load, 'cause I love Until It Sleeps, King Nothing, The Outlaw Torn - pretty much all of them. AND most of them were played on S&M, which just made them so much more awesome. 'Hero of the Day' on S&M was amazing :D
    I like ReLoad too though, particularly Fuel, The Memory Remains and The Unforgiven II. What about you?
    Thanks a lot for listening to The Viewing! I didn't expect such a detailed commentry, so thank you for taking the time to write all that. It's our only recorded song at the moment, so it might be a while before anything else makes its way onto our page.
    I was listening to the 'Master of Puppets' album the other day and I'm now obsessed with the song 'Welcome Home (Sanitarium)'. Master of Puppets I think is probably their best 'old' album i.e. before the Black Album. How about you?
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