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Recent content by Mew Jadester

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    Ahh! So many great memories - the Battle-e stuff.

    Why my thread not getting any attention? And if I post in wrong forum, feel free to move it.
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    Ahh! So many great memories - the Battle-e stuff.

    Good morning/afternoon/evening/etc, everyone. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jason Windham - who now go by the nickname of Mew Jadester on most places I go to nowadays. However for the old timers, some of you might remember me as "Lord Ardhamon", "Jaroma-ru" and "Jade" or something...
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    So...You're On Bulbagarden... But What SHOULD You Be Doing???

    Smoking pot, is what I supposed to be doing right now but hey I'm on Bulbagarden therefore I fail.
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    happy birthday liam pomfret.

    i wish you would come back to our league one day. my crew havent heard from you in a long time. it would be cool if you turn up one day just to catch up on old times. in closure, happy birthday Liam. Take care. Jason
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    Re-enter: Fat Aaron.

    G'day. :D
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    Favourite/Most Visited Website?

    Serebii *hide from trolls* And Pokegym.
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    What music are you currently listening to?

    read my name and title and sig kthxbai
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    Blimp Thread.

    Hindenburg FTW.
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    BMGf Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday Liam.
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    GameFAQs on Wikipedia

    its good thing to hear.
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    Agreed, these noobs have to learn big time. I dont really fight so i dont complain about stuff. If these retarded three year olds want to complain, they better get off the net for god's sake.
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    Hm. Thanks for such a really wonderful piece of spam, WolfofDoom. Hey guys, I am sure you can read for more information on this page hosted on my private server. http://x.warnabrother.net/gb2 Anyways, the GB1 stuff will be finish for sure within 48 hours if I keep it up...
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    Lol yeh. The been such a long day... 80 auto deck machines decks and 116 opponent decks was turned out really well. Now.. Im gathering all the screenshots featuring the character image and name as well as the deck names. >>Todo list for TCG1: 1. Finalizing all the 41 important characters...
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    Why the explosion?

    thats about right, it was mostly from mass-creating of TCG articles :)
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    Just to let you know folks...that the data was successfully dumped and sorted out for GB1 and GB2. There was a few errors noticed in GB1 dumps, hopefully it all fixed. Only three errors was noticed. 1. Arcanine repeat was in instead of Ponyta. Both Base Set. 2. Tangela must be switched but...