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Recent content by Mewtwo0

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    Contest Serperior vs Rhyperior

    Who is the more useful pokemon? Rhyperior. Who has the better design? Serperior. Who has better pre-evolutions? Serperior. Who will be the winner between them? 252 SpA Serperior Giga Drain vs. 68 HP / 160 SpD Solid Rock Rhyperior: 327-387 (84.27 - 99.74%) -- guaranteed 2HKO 252+ Atk...
  2. M

    From 1-10 how would you rate each saga?

    Original/Kanto - 6/10 Orange Islands - 5/10 Johto - 3/10 Advanced Generation - 9/10 Battle Frontier - 7/10 Diamond and Pearl - 9/10 Best Wishes - 1/10 Best Wishes Season 2 - 4/10 BW2: EN - 7/10 (just because of charizard) BW2: Da! - 4/10
  3. M

    What would be your ideal group? (Does NOT have to include Ash.)

    ^this. Ash + N + Hilda + Rosa or Ash + N + Dawn + May
  4. M

    most annoying voice in the dub?

    I personally hate dawn's piplup's too-high pitched and really unpleasing voice. I'm also not a fan of colress's voice. what about you?
  5. M

    The absolute worst Best Wishes episode to date?

    BW113 was a completely unnecessary episode, it didn't have N and seems more like a bw season 1 episode to me. all it had was an ampharos trying to learn ThunderPunch.
  6. M

    Should Jessie,James and Meowth be taking out of the Anime?

    No, but they should have a more serious personality than the one they had prior to bw. If they'd behave like in episode n, then it's fine.
  7. M

    Do you think Ash/Satoshi should be replaced?

    until the day he'll become the pokemon master, no.
  8. M

    Contest Politoed vs Ninetales vs Tyranitar vs Hippowdon vs Abomasnow

    The clash of the weather inducers! My favorite is Tyranitar because I like using sand offense and Hippowdon just doesn't look as cool as T-tar.
  9. M

    Contest Mew VS Mewtwo

    Mewtwo without a doubt. Mew is good in UU, but it's not my cup of tea.
  10. M

    Contest Sableye & Mawile duo vs. Plusle & Minun duo

    Sableye + Mawile would win, because the former has Prankster.
  11. M

    Contest Palpitoad vs Politoed

    Politoed + Drizzle = OVERPOWERED. Therefore, I choose Palpitoad.
  12. M

    Contest Latios Vs. Latias

    Latios, of course. He was #10 in April 2013, while Latias isn't even in top 30. He looks cooler, too.
  13. M

    Who's Your Favorite Pokemon? (Looks-Wise)

    Weavile and Mewtwo are the coolest pokemon. Garbodor is the most beautiful one, no one can deny that. The cutest Pokemon award goes to Genesect.
  14. M

    The most attractive pokemon

    Garbodor, Probopass, Stunfisk, Genesect, Magmortar and Mewtwo.
  15. M

    Favorite and Least Favorite Gym Leaders?

    Favorite Gym Leader = Clay. Least favorite gym leader = Juan. I hate his Kingdra.