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Oct 30, 2018
Jan 30, 2012
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Storm, from America

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Oct 30, 2018
    1. Rainami
      must have accidentally unfollowed you when I was cleaning my list lol
    2. Chibster
      Hey Mey, I LOVE your theme. x3 I themed younger Hope a while ago. :)
      1. Meyneth
        Ah man! to bad I missed that! And thanks ^.^
        Sep 20, 2016
        Chibster likes this.
    3. jackatlasred
      Hmm could you be talking about episode 79? The one with the flashbacks? But if you must know Yusei goes to the dessert in episode 86 duelist for hire.
    4. Colton S
      Colton S
      Hey! I was the one you replied to in the Video Game Help thread. I just want to say that I got Xenoblade Chronicles for the N3DS XL a couple weeks ago, and am loving it. Right now, I'm just about to head to the final boss, and just wanted to thank you for the reply! :)
      1. Meyneth
        I'm glad you're enjoying the game! It was no problem I love talking about Xenoblade anyway!
        Aug 24, 2016
    5. Cap'n Jack
      Cap'n Jack
      Yo Mey, is the Pit Stop down for you as well? I'm hoping this isn't just something stupid on my end like usual.
      1. Meyneth
        It was but it's back up now!
        Aug 22, 2016
      2. Cap'n Jack
        Cap'n Jack
        Tch, [i]as if[/i] I couldn't have figured that out on my own! [i]Duh![/i]

        jk, now I'm just wondering who forgot to pay the water bill over at the Pit Stop.
        Aug 22, 2016
    6. Morru
      Joltik!!!! : )
    7. Truly Deceptive
      Truly Deceptive
      Hey. I just thought you should know I revived the Gijinka Project. Feel free to reuse Nova Colman.
    8. Crystal Onix
      Crystal Onix
      Do you really have a webcomic?
      1. Meyneth
        No, I'm sorry for misleading you. I do know a good one if you're interested.
        Jan 21, 2016
      2. Crystal Onix
        Crystal Onix
        Depends, is it Cucumber Quest or Homestuck? I started reading Cucumber Quest and I've been meaning to continue. Homestuck, well, I can't start now, there's so much from what I hear. *is intimidated*
        Jan 21, 2016
      3. Meyneth
        Oh yeah, It's Cucumber quest, but one that I've heard good thing but I haven't read is Paranatural.
        Jan 21, 2016
    9. Seppe
      Hey Joltik! How have things been?

      Winter's been on a rampage with URPG activity; she went ahead and posted in our Team Run as well. Are you still interested in it? (you'd better be D:<)

      If not though, I completely understand. Just let me know!
    10. Rainami
      what's the "normal stuff" again? I think I know what you mean but like I'd trust my hazy memory on this

      well, uh, it's complicated lol. If you care enough I can nuke you with a wall of text via PM.
    11. Rainami
      ...is that awkward?

      Sorry, I didn't mean to be awkward, it's just the most mention-worthy thing that's happened to me recently. Nothing else of particular note's going on with me besides technically being in university. Don't even play video games as much as I'd like to. I play monster hunter a good amount with my friend and I'm in the process of playing through metroid prime 1 and 2.

      I am also very interested in writing a pokemon webcomic, but I still don't know how to draw, so I'm limited to brainstorming plotstuff.

      so what's new with you?
    12. Rainami
      well, I'm transgender nyow, if you didn't know. So there's that.
    13. Rainami

      haven't seen you in a while
    14. Selenium
      Oh, good luck with your finals!
      Yes, I do. I like the older ones. Final Fantasy XIII upwards are too futuristic, I think. But XIII is still a great game nonetheless.
    15. Selenium
      Hey. Still interested in that Digimon RP?
    16. Heroic Sociopath
      Heroic Sociopath
      You! You have a final fantasy RP! I will join it! My character will be a beautiful anime man!
    17. Isaac Gates
      Isaac Gates
      Thanks! Sworn to the sword is now one of my favourite episodes it was so good! I couldn't believe how intense both of them got it was just amazing. I can't believe how much Pearl is attached to Rose Quartz - poor Steven! But I think they made a nice fusion. So am I, I can't wait! So many questions unanswered, old faces making reappearances. I'm hoping volume 3 premieres at the next RTX like the other seasons as it's sort of like a tradition and it means it would be in less then 2 months!
    18. Yun
      Go right ahead, yeah~
    19. WinterVines
      Okay, cool, I didn't think so but thought I'd check. Thanks!
    20. Isaac Gates
      Isaac Gates
      Hello! I would just like to say I love, love, love your profile pictures of Nora and Connie - I'm a (huge) fan of Steven Universe and RWBY too! Connie was so awesome in sword fighter and the opening too! Did you see the latest Steven Bomb? And did you know RWBY volume 3 is in its production stage? ...Heh, sorry for my inner nerd :D
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