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  • Yeah, fair point. Overall, I think I'd rather have them this way than exposed to posers every ten minutes.
    Well, anything for Arch Enemy. :p It's not fair, they should be a lot more famous.
    Yeah, I think I'll give up too.
    I only wish I could hear it live.
    I've just looked up the lyrics, and the phrases are "Dominus Beo Spiritus" and "Diabolus Libero Spiritus". I'm pretty certain of a word-for-word translation ("Master Bless Spirit" and "Demon Free Spirit"), though I have no idea if that's exactly how they should be interpreted.
    Intermezzo Liberté, I think, is their best instrumental. I agree about The Great Darkness. Come to think of it, though, I've never checked what the Latin means.
    It's all right. ^^

    I like that one quite a lot as well, specifically Revolution Begins, I Will Live Again, and The Day You Died.
    (Didn't get the notification, as your message was on your profile. :sweatlol: To reply back on mine, you'll need to accept the friendship request.)

    What's your favorite album of theirs?
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