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Recent content by Miju

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    Clever Pokémon Nicknames

    i like to keep themes with my nicknames even though i only started giving nicknames last generation. in unova my pokemon all had shortened versions of their japanese names as their nicknames since i orignally learned the japanese names of the unova pokemon and didnt like the english ones, so my...
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    Clever Pokémon Nicknames

    I've only nicknamed my Pokemon in one game, White. For my party in White, I'd name them a shortened/changed version of a pokemon in their evolutionary family's japanese name. Like for example, I got my Oshawott but I recognized the Pokemon by their japanese names 'cause I got used to them so I...
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    A Pokémon for each genre of music

    Jigglypuff/Meloetta- Pop Scrafty- Rap Exploud- Metal Onix- Rock Dodrio- Country Ludicolo- Latin Porygon-Z- Electronic
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    The Splicing Game

    Here's that Dragonair/Flaaffy :) How about- Ho-oh & Daikenki (Samurott) That sounds hard :o
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    What's Your Favourite Pokemon From Each Generation?

    Gen I: Dragonite (Runner Up: Pikachu) (Runner Up Up :P : Mew) Gen II: Umbreon (Runner Up: Pichu) Gen III: Absol (Runner Up: Sceptile) Gen IV: Togekiss (Runner Up: Dusknoir) Gen V: Mijumaru (Runner Up: Stoutland) Runner Up Up :P : Keldeo)
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    Official BMG Picture Thread Vol. 2

    Hai ^__^
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    Which generation has the best music?

    I'm a little biased so i'm going with gen 2 but in all honesty I love all generation's music. Each and every one had their own great tunes and melodies. I went with 2 cause it had some of my favorite tracks on there like National Park, Goldenrod City, and Violet City. And the nostalgia :P My...
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    VG Weekly Poll #4: Do you EV Train?

    I don't EV train my in-game team but I do EV train Pokemon I plan on using for competitive battling.
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    What time is it over there?

    7:40 pm
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    Least Fav Unova Pokemon

    Conkledurr is just...Ugh. I hate it's design. The ice cream line is okay but i'd never use it.
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    What was your best moment in your life?

    I know what you mean. I was gonna leave from Puerto Rico and my b-day was the day after I left. The night before my flight my family threw me a surprise party. I almost started crying xD One of my favorite moments. Then the day after I left Puerto Rico, was my real birthday. Still felt great...
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    Habits when catching pokemon

    I act like they're real and i'm all like- Come on Absol, I just wanna be your friend! ^^ Get in the Poke ball and I promise we can go on an adventure lmao. Or if it just won't stay in i'm all like- Get in this ball right now mister >:O
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    Do you care about Natures?

    If the nature doesn't effect my Pokemon's strong points then i'll keep it for the most part. I prefer better natures but i'll take one with a decent or okay one.
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    I'm new here...

    Welcome Yoshiwaker! :)
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    Let's be Dream World Friends

    DW Name: BadKid If you just happen to see my name, add me ^^; I have like three friends so far.