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  • Fyi for you to get a notification for a post, one of 3 conditions must be met: 1) You have subscribed to the thread 2) You were quoted in the post or 3) you were mentioned in the post (I saw you mention something about this in your card sale thread.)
    hey there, sorry about the issues with the TCG Buy & Sell forum... I'm not sure why you don't have access, but I am doing what I can to figure it out. I'll let you know if I get it fixed.
    Haha XD You see the shirt was sold for a limited time at Nintendo World(a store in NYC), the Black+White mall tours and Epcot. I've tried to look for some on ebay and other places, but I can't find any for sale that are bigger :(
    It's about 22 inches from top shoulder to bottom and 17 inches in width. I'm scared that it might not fit you though. If you would still like to purchase it, I will decrease the price to 10$.
    Yes I certainly do! Its a Youth M, meaning for both guys and girls. I can,if you are interested, i can get some measurements :)
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