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  • It's been forever since we last talked. xD

    That's awesome! I wish you the best. :) I switched my major to computer science so i have one more year to go until I graduate. :)
    I knew that a VM of this sort would come my way soon. Though, I have many questions that I'm too shy to ask some members as some don't answer back in VM's. D;

    What happened was the conversation in BCCT was about becoming a mod and Zexy thought that to become a mod, a good possible candidate chosen would be someone who did not get in a lot of trouble here (i.e get a lot of infractions). This made me remember Ryuu's blog post about the myths and beliefs about becoming a mod as I recently maybe re-read the post as I saw that it was still in ChinYao's (aka Hallowheart) signature when she was inactive for a bit.
    When I went to search through Ryuu's blogs (he joined a few), I clicked on Feliciano's blog and went through it; thinking it was Ryuu's. Some posts caught my eye due to some key words (hint: Southern California [where I hail from]), so I read those posts to see what they were about.
    I did go back and finally found the blog entry that I was looking for and posted the link for Zexy and anyone else to read back at the BCCT.

    I also have to add the fact that the like button was not available back then, so I do feel the need to like old posts when I come across them.

    I think the reason why I liked your comment was because I love reading other people's points of view on things and I found it interesting.
    Well, yea. They need a way to keep young people out of the job market without them claiming to be unemployed haha. I currently have economics as my major, I don't know what exactly I want to do with it but I like it so... I'm also really interested in psychology so I could also do that...only time will tell.
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