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  • I find the Giant battles to be difficult because they are based purely on timing. That annoys me because you can't grind to make those fights easier.
    Sorry. I got the tour guys confused with the park maintenance guy. My brain is fried at the moment.

    What levels are Mario and Luigi?
    I did. I get 10 or more streetpass per day at my college, so I figured that it would be waste to not have them with those numbers daily. I got all four at once for the discount. A long term investment for me.
    I'm paranoid it might get stolen out of my backpack. It's only uncomfortable on my person if I'm wearing something tight.

    Did you buy the new Streetpass games?
    I have exactly 10 villagers right now, one of my main motivations to play everyday is to keep them there. I just like my villagers a lot. Their homes are also in nice places.

    Why don't you just keep it on your person? I usually keep mine on my person or a bag. It just slips and doesn't interfere with anything else. No one even knows its there.
    Yes. You talk in your sleep. Apparently, you have nightmares about villagers moving in over your paths and trees.

    Sounds tough. I hate standing for long periods of time. The most important question is: Did you get any Streetpass?
    I have hidden cameras hooked up in your room.

    Mind my asking what job that is?
    It was a word I made up lmao, I needed a username when I signed up to a forum in 2005 and it's stuck since. I use it everywhere.
    Probably? You mean a definite yes.

    Portuguese always gets shat on. I feel bad because it's my ancestor's language. The only games I have that translates into Portuguese are MK7 and NSMB2. The others just stay in English. I wish we had as many language options in NA though. The only interesting one is French. Spanish is so common it's boring. None of the downloadable eshop games like Pushmo translate.
    Games always look better in actual 3D than in the trailers. You will love it. Especially if you loved the other Mario and Luigi games.

    Mind telling me what languages are available on PAL 3DSs?
    11/10 must buy dude. I loved every moment of it, from the music to the quirky dialogue. It's everything you love about Mario and Luigi games. It's really fun.

    I know the acnl addiction is bad, but I played acnl for an hour, watered my flowers, checked to see which villagers wanted to move etc, then went back to Dream Team.
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