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  • Owwwwn!! Thanx for remember!! I love You, but do You know that! :-D The cake was delicious, love cake, but don't have brigadeiro.
    That's surely true. Thats why i like having conversation with you because even if we disagree atmosphere is always peaceful, relaxed and filled with interesting content.;-)

    Speaking of disagreeing, you know forgot to tell but i actually agree with you how new characters are at times necessary to shake things up.
    Adding variety and different personalities to cast dynamic making it more dimensional. Deliver new scopes and struggles to follow etc. But i never imagined this woud turn in new characters being added all the time, while older ones get erased and abandoned like they never existed or mattered.

    Not having place in pokemon series anymore. Thats something i will never approve greatly saddening me and since i do care and grew attached to quite a few of them i wouldnt prefer sacrificing their untapped potential and chance for decent, even great sequel(because Misty, May, Dawn, Brock etc deserve that) bringing stories to climax and conclusion, just to get only and always new crew stepping on older ones as mean to break toward success. Only adding insult to injury for me not being right.

    p.s.Dont apologize, i understand. We all have obligations, other interests, jobs, families or simply needing time to be left alone. To sort our poriorities and thoughts in trying to relax. :)
    Mate i just realized we started to argue and i dont want that. Your too kind and respectful to fight over such a petty things like continuity and whether someone from past deserves return or not.
    If our views are too different were gonna turn this in long dragged out debate running in circles. And thats no good leading nowhere.

    I don't expect that you understand from where im coming from and why i find appealing idea of doing more with long forgotten past main characters not dedicating all future time only to even more additional characters. But i respect your stance probably not being interested enough for such things. Or being too skeptic over potential positive sides coming with it.
    Seeeing additional character joining main cast getting development itself aside from helping move story of others happen all the time. Character N joined in BW to main cast enriching on story through its presence. We can only imagine for how long Alain from mega evolution specials might join Ash and other characters.

    So i dont see issue in some older characters coming back in possible post Kalos league filer arc either.:)

    You probably see this as impediment threatening to jeopardize development of Clemont, Serena or Bonnie. But i see it as way to deliver more depth and emotion in group interactions increasing on chemistry, more unpredictability and varety with their storylines and unresolved conflicts. Followed with restoring on bonds they had with Ash generating new interactions, flare and suspense. Giving us update, increasing continuity and making storyline more connected and plot driven.

    As for how i know writers would put more efort in development of older character in case of joining temporarily main cast? Aside from writing being largely different compared to how things were when Misty was for examples main character with several things being handled better nowadays. Its educated guess, common sense to me.

    Because if your going to bring back mega popular character who wasn't seen for 10+ years, its in writers interest to provide plausible way behind his comeback and put effort into story which prompted return to perceive him memorable and appealing to not only older but new generation of viewers as well. Since whole purpose behind revival is to provide some unexpected twist and change from usual pattern to bring something fresh and unpredictable to fans. With returning without any reason or meaning not being believable possibility in such cases.

    p.s. Sorry for 3 messages, but VM's have very short character limit and i had lot to say.:p
    Bear in mind how im not for current main characters stories suffering in being underdeveloped. But i would welcome more if for next generation writers shaken things up reusing some of popular previous characters doing sequel .
    If for 7th gen we had let say Ash, Dawn and one new girl or boy, who would exactly be endangered?
    I also think Misty joining Ash and co in case there exists post Kalos league adventure wouldn't be detrimental for anyone.

    My suggestion in Misty case doesn't imply in post league filler arc only her getting development. But implementing her in such way that both she and new characters can shine. For example there could exist follow up on Battler Chateau seeing not just Misty, but Ash or Clemont enter this as well fighting to reach higher ranks and develop more effective battle style. With Misty giving tips to Clemont in how to be more confident and determined as pokemon trainer bondsing due to both coming from gym leader families. With MIsty performance being noticed by renoned pokemon experts deciding to test her out advancing her dreamns,

    Or Serena could for change win master class in filler arc breaking down under pressure and high expectations due to suddenly increased popularity with Misty aside from herself being developed helping Serena out. In reassuring her of decidng to follow right path after questioning herself if she should had become pokemon performer in first place. In return Serena could try to talk Misty in wearing more sparkly clothes, change hair style etc trying out pokemon performasnce resulting in all kind of humorous situations.

    Or writers can do completely new twist with Clemont, Bonnie leaving after Kalos league with Ash and Serena traveling initially alone through post Kalos league filler arc like Misty and Ash did temporarily in Orange Islands and same thing happened with May too before Max joining in. Meeting Misty on road at somne point joining them as third companion.
    I kinda expected negative response.

    But still if we can have Ash in pokemon for all this time, Jessie, James and Meowth, Brock for multiple generations etc. Why not do the same with other Ash replaced friends being used for new generations instead of new characters living up to full potential?I dunno, i don't see nothing wrong in developing more previous characters regardless of how many episodes they had. Taken on new challenges, adventures and gaining bigger depth to their personalities.
    If there exists potential to do more not receiving enough growth/action during their run, getting more focus would only help with their stories giving them justice.

    In One Piece for example Luffy, Nami, Robin, Zoro etc are already in 700 episodes and people still welcome to see them developed more being open minded about this.
    Do we really need constantly new characters and follow their development when there exists so much potential, exciting adventurous and unanswered enigma surrounding previous ones we grew attached to?
    You cannot deny how people are more excited when something new regarding them leaks out compared to new companions(why? because we care and want to see what will come out of their future).

    And mate Misty story arc wasn't really "finished".
    Because closure involves plot surrounding fictional character being closed/finished. Or providing mechanisms in story which would allow their finish in near future.

    She never became water pokemon master. Her dreams of living up to idol E4 Lorelei was unresolved. Feelings for Ash were left open(even though im not shipper i cannot deny this with chronicles once again bringing it up when refusing date).
    Several things in Misty past about parents, fear from bugs, prejudices in choosing pokemon by looks,not coming to realization how to use her pokemon to full potential(like Psyduck)was left wide open and unresolved.

    No replaced main character can be considered "finished" persay tbh.
    Appearing as part of Ash faded memory in flashbacks or in ending credits is basically being forgotten and completely abandoned from main anime though.

    We never get chance to see older characters we grew to like updated and taken in new adventures- What new pokemon they gotten, how much they changed as persons and trainers after all this years. Enjoy in their quirks, antics and great filed with spice personalities rekindling on friendship with Ash and forming relationship with new characters. See their hard work and effort paying of in giving to us viewers follow up of their unfinished stories coming closer toward achievement of their goals and desires?
    Why not bring back Misty for whole post Kalos league season joining as 5th companion ending taken as E4 Siebold apprentice testing her wporth as water master, and mega evolving Gyarados by entering water toutrnaments or Battle Chateau spicing things up due to her holding or used to hold feelings for Ash helping Serena to get over it or something ? Why not shake things up and for 7th generation bring back Brock or Dawn for example going on new, exciting adventures receiving sequel instead of another set of just new chaacters?
    Introduce one new character and mix things up with older one as third or fourth companion.

    Im sure you miss not just Dawn, but some other oldtimers too wanting to enjoy in them and develop more.

    Other shows do this , only Pokemon sticks out as black sheep.

    It didn't had to be this way. Pokemon anime could had followed examples of other long running shows like One Piece, Dragon Bal, Fairy Tail, Naruto etc.Having stable cast and its main characters remaining relevant until very end.

    It never happened, But still its interesting to ponder about, how would had pokemon looked like if it was treated like this? Becoming more concrete and eventful show.
    Hehe, yea snow has its advantages. Maybe one day you manage to see snow in live experiencing all of its positive and fun attributes. Rather than just being associated with cold. ;-)

    But in that case make sure to dress up appropriately and warmly.

    Ah I know my friend, I know. But pandering to older fans partially in Pokemon case wouldn't be necessarily bad thing. But more so investing in future of this show generating higher number of viewers and making continuity, connection to past and storyline feel more connected and enjoyable. Giving to new kids chance to understand pokemon history, know this characters and bring more substance to anime that way.

    Because unlike other long running popular shows, Pokemon writers not just ignore but disrespect pokemon anime continuity, past and important characters which influenced journey, Ash and world itself. Fact that Misty received nothing for over 10 years leaving her abandoned with unfinished story; Like her strong friendship with Ash, unsolved feelings, dreams of becoming water master and recognized water expert, all that value and contribution for pokemon story meant nothing, May not even for ORAS remakes getting anything despite being 3rd gen protagonist in gameswith no updates and continuation of her adventures ever seeing light of day is well very sad.

    And this happens to others like Brock, Dawn, etc as well.

    Rewriting what canon eastablished in past like only one Mewtwo existing changing that with 16th movie or retconning Ash childhood to fit Serena in, resetting Ash maturity for BW etc. Only futher add to impression how careless and arogant those who produce pokemon can be.

    Its not fair toward this characters, their fans and it hurts Pokemon anime indirectly as well. Contributing to negative view existing among many fans i met considering it as very bad show because of such things:-(
    Aww you didn't? Well aside from cold, it gives sort of charming feeling when everything is coated in white with beautiful crystals of ice falling on ground(its especially adding to atmosphere during Christmas). There are many fun activities you can do with it as well like sledding, snowball fighting, making snowman or other objects out of it. XD

    But yea if you got used to pleasant warm weather, than its understandable why you wouldn't be comfortable with things which draw with themselves low temperatures. Well no one is fan of them(me neither), but there do exist some benefits.

    Oh that sounds fulfilling. I imagine in administration and marketing there will always be work and working with people building on social skills and perception can be very useful. Yea its better to not rush with this things when they decide your future. I say always take time to prioritize your thoughts and whgat makes you truly happy allowing to utilize your talents the most. Because working something you dont like is bad not just for you but environment as well making you feel miserable, indignant and phlegmatic.

    Thanks man, situation is hard. But im not giving up sending applications and looking for vacant jobs so sooner or later ill get in something.Hopefully.

    p.s. You know when i see other long running anime like Digimon, Dragon Ball. Yugioh going back to their roots, bringing back original older characters refreshed, enriched with new qualities and improved doing sequel with their stories acknowledging continuity and what happened before. Makes me wish to see Pokemon following their examples,. This anime has awful continuity disrespecting past and those who mattered or used to be vital for its story. Sad, isn't it?
    Oh don't swet about it, we don't use Fahenheit scale anyway. But Celsius as well.

    OMG winter and you guys have 30º C? That or abit above is average for summer over here in Croatia and surrounding countries lol. I guess snow is real rarity over there, hehe. But that has its advantages, such as not having to spend money on heating and having pretty much access to swimming, laying on beach sunbathing, meeting beautiul girls over there etc for whole year. ;-)

    Vacation? Uhm you could call it as such i guess, im in middle between getting new job, Currently unemployed, sucks i know. But its hard to find permanent job over here having to settle for seasonal or freelance jobs.
    Glad to hear your more or less finished with obligatons for now enjoying rightfully in fruits of your labour. So what do you study?
    Being roasted by sun lol. Trying to enjoy in summer and beach, but temperatures are brutal(unusually warm even for summer). Than again i suppose in Brasil things are even worse, so i can't really complain. :p
    Its also worth noting that in games Misty game counterpart in Gold/Silver worships E4 Lorelei too planning to leave gym to travel and become stronger.
    Followed with BW2 games in world tournament where Misty is traveling trainer saying how she plans battle and beat all kind of strong trainers.

    So maybe in future generations if gamefreak revisit first gen characters, Maybe Junichi Masuda do follow up promoting Misty in games to first E4 female using pure water type.
    Like they did with Koga or Caitlin in BW games.

    I dont know if you know this, but mr. Masuda is quiter often in contact with Mist VA Mayumi IIzuka attending to his promotions when receiving rewards. Talking about anime and helping to collect funds for something pokemon related.

    I can give you links if interested(though its in Japanese)?:)

    About anime i thought more akong the lines of writers coming up with some story where Misty joins Ash on her journey to go through rigorous trauining, battle evaluators and enter tournaments in company of her frienbds while going in same direction eventually ending as Lorelei or sime other high class water trainer apprentice leaving group at some point of journey(something like arc of 15 to 20 episodes would be really cool actually imo). And by tying her into E4 arc would make her both relevant to story and influence Ash growth by giving him insight in how E4 works getting to know their strength and weakness revealing to him more about ways how to earn right to challenge and beat them.

    That wouldnt clash with Ash growth because Misty wouldnt become E4 but just be in training and passing whatever tasks she would need to be took in consideration. Beside Ash is aiming for pokemon master, strongest trainer in world title being leagues above E4 and even champions so even if Misty became E4 when anime ends(through epilogue in ending credits), May, Dawn top coordinators etc Ash would still be above. :sweat:

    What do you think? Is such solution acceptable?
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