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  • I see. Now i admit i didn't heard for some of artists you just listed, but based on wording i presume they enjoy big reputation in your country?

    About Misty goal, well its true that all tasks and requitements someone need to pass weren't explained about water master goal. But roughly its been stated how water master means becoming strongest water trainer in world. With professor Elm in Whirl Islands and later sea priestess Maya in Whirl Cup explaining how water master which are in Japanese ersion called water masters. Used to communicate with water pokemon understanding their feelings and knowing how to use this specie to full potential. In Whirl Cup it was also brought up how winner gets title Alpha OMega of water pokemon by winning competition, being one of tasks you need to fulfill to become water master.
    E4 are best mono trainer in world and there must be reason why in games they are called type masters?
    With Misty even idolizing Lorelei wishing to reach such power.

    Atsuhiro Tomioka did pretty good job in making more active steps about progression of Misty goal with Whirl Islands, with her dreams starting to have attributes of coherent story arc. But he never had chance to do follow up on what he started because we Misty was replaced not being anymore priority. Warranting more expansion, even though mr. Shudo in blogs stated(as head writer for OS). How there existed ideas to do more with Misty regretting that she wasn't fleshed out more admitting mistake.

    About E4 thing, yeah i know what you mean but i meant more along the lines of becoming this after several years in future?
    Obviiously not now, because 10 year old gaining such position would be reaching(un believable). But after several years in future she could maybe achieve E4 level if she works hard enough and make some huge improvement. Aaron is teenager and he did it in becoming elite trainer.
    I would have replied earlier, but i got caught in pile of obligations which couldn't wait. When i written last message it completely slipped my mind how it was time of carnival, so i should apologze for that,.

    I just realized your coming from Brazil, which is probably most famous place in world for such type of festivity. I saw some snippets on TV and intzernet. Featuring dancing groups, samba dancers, all kind of interesting masks and outfits carefully being made for this special occasion being fascinating.
    People in your country certainly know how to have fun. :-D

    Aww thanks for this kind words, because feeling is mutual. Though i have something important to ask. Do you think it would make sense for Misty to become in future E4 member?

    Keep in mind she idplize Lorelei/Prima wanting to be strong like her one day and goal was to become water master. And E4 members are labeled as type masters in games. In fact E4 Siebold from XY is first E4 in history using pure water pokemon being called water master.
    Its definitely viable way imo to construct plausible arc through which Misty could develop, enter spoecual tests, tournaments, try to mega evolve her pokemon and deliver fun mini storyline through which she could first become E4 apprentice. Training under them and than in late teen years becoming E4 herself.
    I can tell based on our views and fact of very rarely talking how we dont have many things in common as far as pokemon anime goes. How should series be developede and in what direction to take them. Let alone what can be considered as worthwhile and important character. I guess im kind of guy who tries not to hold prejudices over anything and even if writers blew up something giving them chance for reformatory test, but i know how not everyone are willing to forget negative experiences. Or give past characters second chance through better refined sequel of story(like Misty). Such stance of mine as coinsequence often lead to disagreements with others(hence large number of debates i had with numerous people on this site).

    Thats ok, i understand why. But i just wanna let you know how if you ever wanna talk about not just pokemon but various other things, ask for advice, share your problems with me or just have relaxing fun chat. My doors will always be open to you enjoying my respect. :)
    Played role of heroine in classic sense by taking initiative and focus through curiosity and desire to be involved in various plots. In strengthening group chemistry through her various spats and characterization, contributing to resolution of plots , while managing to develop probably most imo in personality emotional sene along with May(both changed and grew in characterization alot since early days).

    Appreciating contribution left on series. Even though her dreams never received justice which saddens me. Because she had and still has lot of potential to do more.
    E4 Siebold in Kalos is water master, there is mega evolution and she has Gyarados, tournaments like Battle Chateau and water based events which Misty could enter making massive step forward. Because water as most abundant type offers enough variety so that water master career could be properly developed.
    With Shudo admitting how they had ideas to do more with Misty, regretting it didnt happened.

    Wishing as selfish as it may sound that she returns again missing her and feelin g porogression of her story would be more thrilling and unique to follow than pokemon version of super idol(i dont expect for people to understand this).:-(

    p.s. I agree with you over pokemon performance being well watered down version of contests. Dancing, dressing up pokemon and trying to look cute while parading on stage makes me question if this is even pokemon anymore?

    Or just some bizarre magical girl quasi product filled with sweetness and sparkles everywhere. Only reason why im giving it chance is because of characters like Yashio and potential interesting growth., In showing us look in entertainment industry, how would Serena cope with publicity and high expectations if she becomes famous. Offering ground for pretty unique growth in that aspect.

    But between performer and contests. Well i would choose contests every day.;-)
    If you feel that way, well i can respect that. Im aware how contests left such strong imprint in some people mind to the point of making harsh prejudices and forming mindset of unless girls are coordinators are considered zero, nobody in their opinion. I dont agree with it, but it is how it is.

    Like i said, personally i appreciated that others like Misty, Iris etc have different goals because it adds to variety making them more unique with every character differentiating from each other more that way . Its interesting to see sometimes characters growing in different way not being necessary to enter competitions, collect tokens to measure someones growth.

    Yes they received less focus, but like saying goes its not about quantity, but quality.

    True, things like you said weren't played out well enough. With Misty case because of show being in early stage with writers themselves not finding their right tune to follow. Tomioka tried doing more active stepos in Master Quest with Whirl cup , but by than it was already decided thar Misty is replaced. Not having time to do follow up.

    While in Iris BW series in general having urge to deliver rushed, contrived and anticlimactic execution of ideas screwing everyone over.

    But please understand that in MIsty case i can be more lenient on criticism. Not necessarily because shes my favorite. But because im aware she was very first having to break ice and how in OS under Takeshi Shudo batton anime formula was more about friendship, humor, adventiure and development of human interactions, personalities. And much less on pokemon, battles and goal progresssion. Which both had its pros and cons as far as OS goes.

    However Misty compensated for this at least imo through strong personality, outspoken nature and tendency to push things forward through tips, advices and restless energy. Played big role in Ash development in better trainer being his mentior and coach in tandem with Brock.
    Allow me to explain:
    p.s. If i bothered you, i apologize. Just wanted to share some of my thoughts regarding this with you.:)
    Hi mate. Just decided to inform how i had response regarding Iris ready. But since it would further be of topic and you didnt wanted to continue. I decided to respect your decision and i apologoze in advance if i offended you posibly.

    For all intents and purposes Iris isnt among my favorites. However i just dont think how only girl coordinators were valuable, enjoable and engaging main females in this show to follow. With each bringing something positive and meaningful on table.

    I still believe type master careers inherently can work(but only if type trainer use has enough variety, big enough number of pokemon and stamina to support adequatelly storyline). Something which could been achieved with Misty since she used most abundant specie and if writers were more experienced during roots of pokemon(many things werent handled good enough in early years lacking knowledge and idea in what way to push series forward) and OS had set up path in what way to develop other character dreams beside Ash. We could been given reasonable, creative and fun arc from her goal development(i often say Misty developed, but by this im referring to her personality growth maturing, getting over fears and keeping some of bad sides better under control and establishing close friendship with others, which is different from career growth).

    If you know what i mean?
    "Ive changed my face, Ive changed my name But no one wants you when you lose" "Dont give up Cause you have friends"
    Therefore i think only possible way to do so with type master quest is through water or maybe normal type, since they have wide pool of pokemon to choose from allowing to make versatile teams both for character and its adversaries, create chain of events serving as benchmarks, stepping stones on which character can train, battle and advance through which they could grow forward stepping up as trainers .
    Which fits bill for Misty and with her water master goal it was kinda showed how it involves becoming best water trainer in world possibly higher than E4 are,as well accomplishing tasks by entering water competitions like Whirl cup,where this term was explained abit by prof.Elm.

    So if they expanded on Whirl Cup creating chain of mini tournaments for her to enter, give rival and introduce other specialists from which she could learn would offer lot of fresh potential to do interesting side quest to move things forward with her dream. I mean Whirl islands detour affair was pretty cool, wasn't it?

    She likely wont return but nowadays im pretty sure thanks to foundation on which they left her story and concept of what could be done with her dream along with being more experienced makes job all that much easier todo better job.

    I believe best set up for cast would be in Ash, girl co-star and another girl in supporting role. Whether its new girl or one of previous Ash friends coming back which are more mature and experienced to balance things out since with previously established ones you already have groundwork and plots on which writers could just pick up doing continuation. Not requiring as much set up and focus like inexperienced girl do.

    We could see writers establish older sister relationship between girls helping them in their growth and exploring on completely unique dynamic which could be interpretated and taken in many ways.
    Side series in form of chronicles would be excellent alternative to prevent previous companion from ending anbandoned if writers don't have willingness to bring them in main anime.

    Nowadays with so many discarded main characters i always thought reviving hosos could be worth a try. When i just imagine possibilities and open ended things they left with character(like Misty, May, Dawn, Brock, Paulč, Max etc) gives more than enough material to make interesting side stories out of it.
    And with many of those you can tell they had room to be done more leaving on unfinished note.
    Its real pity that writers seemingly didn't even took in consideration benefits another set of specials could provide.

    Yeah i can definitely understand your disappointment over how writers treated girl sidekicks.Its just i guess i believe how Iris/Misty case alone doesnpt necessarily proves how female sidekicks cannot receive quality filled with content development in future sagas. Writers sometimes screw things up. They are only humans after all not being perfect.

    However quality of good writer is if he is able to acknowledge mistakes he did with someone getting back character on right track reviving his role. If good writing is present behind anyone can be revamped and refreshed enough to become intriguing again being given either new purpose or his older plots being exploited more diving in character deeper. But thats just my way of looking at things.
    I still believe one of biggest reasons why writers screwed things up with Iris came from specializing in most rare and scarce pokemon type out there(dragons) limiting greatly writer options to make believable and consistent growth. Considering they don't have enough resources and stamina to create on going quest which could be treated like tangible storytelling.

    Yeah i would welcome for next girl to have sidequest too allowing for more proactove roler. Although i wouldn't be necessarily against supporting role but only if writers do better job than what was case with Iris.
    With Iris goal it wasn't possible to create on going quest involving dragon types through which growth could be measured. From simple fact of type not having rich enough pool of options to create substantial storytelling(i think it was possible with Misty but its known why it didn't happen given stage in which anime was back than). Axew becoming main mascot killed chance to have him evolve and give Iris growth through different way too(defeating point of traveling in first place sadly)and rushed, in general iconsistent treatment of whole series was responsible for Iris sloppy treatment too. Its not only her, whole Unova was written as one giant mess damaging Ash as character, Cilan, rivals, Team Rocket etc.
    Its like writers tried out different ideas just for sake of it without planning ahead and making sure to execute them in viable way.

    Though im sure they learned on mistakes with XY going to be better saga. In some ways they started to improve by paying more attention to past and continuity through references to past characters and regions , and as result Ash seems more experienced thanks to their presence.
    Heck he does look "older", more mature in look in trailer for XY saga compared to BW.
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