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  • True they already proved in past how they are capable of doing much better job than what they are doing now.
    Its only up to writers if they have motivation and courage to do step forward, and judging by decrease of people interest and constant rating decline they are reaching turning point where they would either have to custom things out and change current status or sink down even lower.

    I don't expect any previous companion copming back either(maybe Cilan but its doubtful). I just feel it would be something intefestinhg and refreshing for change to do build up, continuation of someone story taking him through more meaningful growth and see in what way he could work in today anime.
    For example revelation of Mega Blaziken provides way through which May could become relevant again showcasing mega evoilution throough one of her pokemon, do expand on her contest career(i always felt she had room left to do more) and shake things up.

    As for Misty i can't help but not to feel how region based on France would be ideal for her to visit fitting romantic and spirited side of hers. She could catch new cool water pokemon, advance water master goal by entering tournaments (i thought underwater battling concept was nice idea which never had chance to be explored), learn from other specialists and get more growth through fresh interesting weay. But thats just my wishful thinking.:p
    Though i do find it being sad how she has been forgotten nowadays with lot of potential character had ending abandoned.
    Haha i know it may have sounded stupid but some of guys i knew around here had completely forgot about me so i wasn't really sure.:embarass:

    Yeah i can definiotely catch your drift about Unova series. While personally i liked dynamic Iris and Cilan produced having some interestingh backstories and potential cons vastly outweighted pros for me.
    Ash being dumb down, TR shoddy writing, little to poor development main characters got and broken continuity are testing patience from many people out there. BW step down in so many things from previous series,that its not even funny. It may not be my favorite but without any hold ill admit how DP had much, much better storyline and engaging plots than any other series had. Especially BW.

    Though i still have hope of writers doing better job for 6 th generation with negative reception and low popularity serving as indication how they should put more effort in story and their characters. Hopefully it will be better than mess BW has been having many intriguing ideas, but execution being rushed, contrived and shallow. Especially league, what a let down.
    Personally i would like Ash retain his knowledge, bring one of previous companions doing continuation of their story to bring some new twist to this show capitalizing on their popularity be it Misty, May, Dawn, Brock(i would take anyone) being are tired of constant cast changing while leaving older ones abandoned like trash), and have more continuity based anime which lives up to message of being set in same timeline and universe. Meaning more cohesive story and characters which don't stagnate but grow forward.

    This would make many people happy increasing ratings, so yea this is what i want to happen though knowing writers ignorance and tendency to miss on great opportunities im keeping my expectations low.
    Hi there, remember me? God we speak so little, can't believe it passed this long.

    Yeah i know im a bad friend lol. Hope your doing ok and just wanted to stop by and say hello.
    Hello! Just dropped by because I noticed your username and avatar - because I like Wallace XDD !! Steven rules It's always nice to see someone who likes the RSE games. See you around!!
    If you're online, I'm writing a BN article about a Meloetta in Brazil. It would be much easier with your help. Could you come on AIM?
    It sure was, glad to see you again. Hope your doing fine and even though its late i wish you all the best in New Year!

    As for me im doing fine, aside from being little suck. Caught some nasty flue few days ago but im feeling better now currently just roaming around lol.
    Yeah, most of the ones that I found in pixiv were meme of him being creepy (It was a scene of Chapter one where he said "you told me not to move"). I did find some on dA, but the ones I really like are just taken from the manga and recolored. :/
    True, I think most of the art I've seen are mostly him being fabulous. (I can't find much good Ryouga fan art either, not even in pixiv...
    True, but I'm sometimes creeped out by my own avatar. XD

    It's only for Halloween though (or at least I can find another Ryouga-themed avatar
    Oh i see, my bad lol. Well that's great achievement too, carry on with good job and keep bulbapedia friendly and enjoyable place for everyone. I have no doubts that is in good hands.
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