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  • Happy birthday, fellow jolteon fan!
    Thank you! Funny enough, just transferred my Jolteon from Platinum to Home the other day :)
    Yeah, that's what I've heard. Most of my friends who went off to college like it at their respective colleges, so I'm sure finding friends won't be an issue. I think I'll base my decision on which school can give me the best thing for me academically.

    Oh that's awesome! I hope you have a safe flight :) is this school-related?
    Thank you very much! c: Yeah, it's definitely a start.

    The first thing is that is that it's so hard to believe. The second thing is that I don't know what the fuck I'm going to do. So, I guess I'm kind of in the minority that isn't necessarily looking forward to college, but wouldn't mind the idea of it, and is still excited about it. :p
    It's cool. I actually did hear back from Virginia Tech! Not one of my top schools, but hey, I made it in, so that's cool.
    Figured I might update you, since we were talking about it a while back. Yesterday I sent in my final college application. I haven't received any results back yet, but we'll see how it goes, I guess.
    I suppose that is true. I have a lot of interests though so it's hard to narrow to one specific field.

    I kind of want a bigger school, but then I have to pay attention to student/faculty ratios too...
    So I've heard. I think I'm up to the challenge though.

    Kind of. Most of the schools I'm looking at are midrange, like 5-10k. I know UVA, which is my top choice, is 16k though.
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