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    H-Hello everyone~ >w<

    i love your sig ^_^ welcome!
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    Welcome! XD
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    Hope you enjoy yourself here! :)
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    Introduction and question

    I read it all ;) Welcome! I hope you enjoy yourself here :)
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    Hi, everyone!

    Hello! Hope you have fun here :3
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    A wild FANBOY appeared! Go, Wailord!

    Hope you enjoy yourself here!
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    A new user appears!

    Welcome :) hope you have fun here!
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    Hello :3

    Welcomeee :) hope you have a good time here.
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    Well, hello thar.

    Welcome! XD
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    The Poképolls

    oh... tough one :P i pick raikou!
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    So your Pokemon's reactions can change depending on your location

    LOL reading that made my day.
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    Last thing you ate/drank before posting in this thread

    tacos! and one of those cute 200ml cans of coke :3
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    mmm cookies... ha. welcome! hope you enjoy yourself here :)
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    Newxie has Arrived

    hello uxie! hope you have fun here :)
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    Do you have a job?

    what!? where did you work?