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    Fan sites report Maddie Blaustein death: PokéBeach says official confirmation to come

    She was so talented and she was so very nice.... I still hope that this is just a very long awful dream, but....no.... I sent her a customized Meowth Plushie... Some anonymous person sent me her address, phone number and everything, once... But I never told anyone... I won't tell now...
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    Wanna take a peeeeek?

    XD I'm working on another Animation! A bit improved, really.... Here: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v626/CandyRobot1/Liltin.gif That's all you're gonna see! Heheheh! XD
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    .... O_O;;;;; Hi.... Nice...uh...username...^^;
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    Singing a Duet with Maddie! :)

    Heheh... Here: http://www.singsnap.com/snap/watchandlisten/play/c211e3f0f
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    Stupid nicknames for good pokèmon.

    Female Wormadam (sand): Pizzaslice Ditto: Hot Stuff
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    "It doesn't matter..."-a V-Day picture

    *BLUSH* Thank you... And yeah... It's me, but I'm drawing myself without glasses.... ^^; I wish I wouldn't have to wear them, so I at least don't have to wear them as a Pokemon Character...
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    "It doesn't matter..."-a V-Day picture

    *_* Thank you all so much! *looks around for Maddie* D'aaw... *sniffles* Not there... Well, I know she's busy... Would still love to see her comment on my art... ^^;
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    "It doesn't matter..."-a V-Day picture

    ^__^ *purr* Took me all night! ^^;
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    Maddie's Talented

    Like...how don't you get 'em? XD How they close, or....what? *LOL* I don't add too much detail to cartoons, because it makes it harder to draw 'em.
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    Maddie's Talented

    XD It's the first time I drew shoes like that... *LOL* I thought they look really good...^^; Hahah....
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    Shiny Pokémon with the Pokéradar

    Chained 24 Skittys And Ran Into A Freaking Buizel! T___T Or what you call that thing...O____o;
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    Maddie's Talented

    *blushes deeply* [email protected][email protected]; That's...very much making me wanna wag my tail, now.... O.O *chases it instead* Thank you Maddie...<3 Maddie is under a lot of pressure and I can understand when she can't post, so she's hereby excused! I even think it's extremely nice that she comments on...
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    Shiny Pokémon with the Pokéradar

    I wish I could watch someone do it, so I can imitate and be luckier... *LOL* :) Hmmm... Someday, I'll be able to, though....
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    Shiny Pokémon with the Pokéradar

    .... *SIGH* .... I just never get past 8..... T___T