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  • Hey, nice fusion avatar you got there.
    LOL fusion XD It's one reason I prefer watching subbed rather than dubbed since the humor is lost in the dub xD

    How are you doing?
    I've been doing alright, thanks. Just been super busy most of the time.

    How have you been?

    Also as it's still the 23rd here, happy birthday! Hope it was a good one!
    Hey Mintaka, any chance you remember me? I used to go by Wet N Wild, Eonmaster and Surferboy. You're the only member from 2010 I remember who is still active so I thought I'd reach out. How's life been?
    Welcome back :) How's life going?
    I'm doing fine, thanks! I've been busy with work, but mystery game doesn't take too much strategy, and I've always wanted to play one rather than host.
    How are you?
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    You're welcome. Good point.
    I'm doing very well, university studies and chilling around here pretty much :)
    I think we were talking about the moon, or rutabaga or something.

    Oh wow you already got a nice new job? That's awesome, congrats! Everything is still going fine there? What days do you have off, weekends? And making good pay?
    i know you're bluffing
    you might have a folder labelled as such but there would be no contents in it :v

    I hope it was for less stressful job.
    I'd hope so. I hate hearing about friends getting treated like crap by their bosses or coworkers. Still, only sometimes? You should be getting a full lunch every time you have a full shift.
    Trash? o.0 Minnie that's terrible! D: (While I might not be on best friend terms with all my coworkers, I've never felt like I was personally treated as trash by them. Management/Corporate not properly preparing for the holiday season/having no idea what they're doing...eh. :u)
    Well that's good then. Perfect timing too it seems. You'd be getting no use out of it here. Feels like spring right now.

    Good luck! Dunno about your economy over there/how the job market is, but I'm pretty sure you're suitable, and qualified to find something better soon.
    Haha I know the feel of no presents. That's cool though. Have fun? And how have things been going?
    ROFL! I can't even lmao! Im firing the person who made that cake right now lol. I wouldn't make a glow in the dark cake. I mean, it looked cool and everything too. :rolleyes:

    "Phew, moving on to plan B"

    Alright imma just buy one from a store lmao!
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