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    After the one year mark you're considered an "old timer" at my place too. xD
    Sometimes I feel like that happens to me too because I tend to keep to myself at work. Like I still talk to people, but there's usually so much work to be done that I'm always busy. @[email protected] (How lovely. Good strategy though. xD) You don't get breaks or a lunch? o.0 We get one paid 15 minute break if we work 5-6 hours (technically it's "up to management discretion" but they always give you one so they don't get in trouble with HR), one 15 minute break and an unpaid 30 minute lunch for 7-8.5 hours, and then two 15 minute breaks and one unpaid 60 minute lunch for 9 hours. On the two days a year where you might get a 12 hour shift, we might get an extra lunch thrown in there. That's for everyone, including cashiers. Bathroom breaks are a little more iffy for them though.

    Especially when the turnover rate for retail and the service industry is pretty high. I usually don't end up learning new cashiers names until a few weeks later because I never know if they're going to stick around for long.
    "yes pls hire me I will keep coming in and you can keep giving me money"
    you see it's funny because your halo's on the floor all cracked and broken. :v
    Also I've revealed our shared sordid past to the rest of F&G so now everyone is aware you're no angel.

    And I'm assuming after that they bounced back and didn't hurt your GPA in the grand scheme of things. Still, what a workload.
    So that you'll be in in debt for life. That way they know you'll keep coming to work instead of out committing crimes. Or something. :look:
    Is the minimum the average or just something the most dedicated people accomplish?
    Ah I see. I've been working on that too. And while it sort of sucks in some ways being at the same place for half a decade (when it's retail anyway, lol), I'd like to think it shows that I won't flake on a job and that I performed my duties well enough that they wanted to keep me around for that long.
    if i'm going down i'm taking you with me minnie

    Two part-time jobs and school? It's amazing you didn't collapse. :dead:
    That's easy to say if one grew up back when less jobs required degrees before hiring and said jobs were enough for one to support a family on. (No disrespect meant to your parents. I'm not sure about the job market in South Korea in the past but here it was less.)
    Finish in time?
    Experience in general/being employed anywhere or in a specific line of work?
    (er, only after you did first!!)
    [sub]*disappears in cloud of Smokescreen*[/sub]

    That's great to hear. :D
    Ooo you're full time? I've just been part-time all this time while going to school part-time trying to make sense out of my life. ^^; And that's super convenient. My work is close by but not that close. If I really had to walk or bike there I could, but I always drive or get a ride.

    That's a good point. If your being happy and your family's being happy align that's fantastic, but when it doesn't you make the hard decision of who you want to make happy. At least yours weren't pushing you to continue doing something you didn't get any enjoyment out of.
    That's another reason it's taken me so long to decide on things, all that money. qwq You don't want to sink a bunch of it into a career path only to find out you hate it halfway through, but you've already spent so much you have to go through with it to have any hope of paying it all back before you're 70.
    And with that Minnie was banned, never to be heard from again. :mallet:
    [sub]revenge is sweet >:3c[/sub]

    Ah I see. That's still a terrible spot to be in. xD (Me too pls!) I'm thankful I don't have any serious problems with any of my coworkers or supervisors.

    Still working on the sales floor stocking. Currently getting ready for Halloween (we've been doing that since like the first or second week of August. @[email protected]) I'm sort of stuck in a rut in that regard. I don't want to be there forever, but it's the only job I've ever had, so I'm a little hesitant to leave. It's comforting having that stability, not having any big surprises or deviations. Even if the pay isn't great, work rarely follows me home. And when it does, it's easily cured with a night of sleep.
    And man do I hear you, I hate those days. I can feel more of them approaching as we draw closer and closer to Christmas. :dead:

    I wouldn't call you a big baby for that, that's one of the most major decisions in your life we're talking about here. There's so much pressure on it; making your family proud, securing a financially stable future for yourself, and personal happiness... it's really difficult sorting these things out because what works for others might not work for you, and then you feel like a failure for not being able to follow that same path.
    now now, there is no need for such silly antics. [sub]quit now while you're ahead and I'll forget the whole thing even came up.[/sub]

    Desperate to find a stable job or... ? Either way that sucks, it's a terrible spot to be in. AND I KNOW! Thankfully I don't have to deal with a lot of customers like that in my position but man do I feel bad for customer service and the cashiers.

    Doing all right. I think I finally narrowed down a major so I'm feeling more optimistic about my future than I have in a long time. It'll be difficult because I'm still not sure what school I want to go to and I feel overwhelmed by all the positive and negative outcomes, not to mention the job market is a very competitive place for an English major, ...but I'm just happy I'm not as lost as I was before, ya know?
    Yeah, I guess it's not as flexible, since you don't have a standard storyline to follow. But if you have a good imagination, it shouldn't be too bad. xD The way I see it, if you're good at RP's, you'd be good at hosting mafia games (though that may not necessarily be the case).

    Oh wow, I guess that's the reason why you stepped down as an Admin. And yeah, I'm really excited! ^-^ I can't wait for RM Mafia. And you know what; just reading them is fun too. :3 I'm just not sure I'm smart enough to make the best decisions. I will read the guides before I play though. I should probably do that before Chaos Mafia starts just in case something goes wrong.
    oh i mean idk really, i don't see him around much so I just assumed xD
    Oh, okay. That's cool! Because I was going to suggest to some people a revival of BMGF mafia, but with RM Mafia in the works, I don't really see the need.

    I have yet to actually play in a mafia game. xD I'm subbing for XY but they don't need them anymore, I signed up for ME but it got cancelled, and I really don't want to start out by playing Chaos Mafia so I'm subbing there too. ^^; I'm waiting for RM Mafia, maybe then I'll FINALLY get the chance to play.

    mizzle is gone there's nothing to fear
    Omg looking back on our convo. Why on earth did I ask you that? It's funny to see how I felt back then, I consider myself a strong feminist now so it's interesting to look at.
    nuuuu just because they have cookies doesn't mean they taste good
    xDD it's sad too because the majority of people on tumblr are minors and this stuff goes around and it's like "you're scarring our younger generation just stop people"

    um.....no? :B

    KM's not a proletariat, she has power over people, so there's no way she'd be leading the party, although I wouldn't put it past KM to choose us over them :I
    no no minnie stay away from the dark side of tumblr
    it's simply human instinct to post that stuff, I guess

    waaah! *bows down against his will* soon the proletariat revolution will overthrow you and your silly ways
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