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  • Aha. :p

    I feel the exact same. ^^ With a lot of fruits already, I am simply amazed at how Oda came up with such an ability because it's so ridiculous. Jora's and Tsuru's are prime examples. Very true. :p I'm interesting to see how strong Level 6 inmates really are; we haven't gotten a good idea so far, which makes it all the more exciting.

    Yeah, the fact that their story isn't just completely irrelevant is nice. Oda usually does a great job with tie-ins, which is one reason why I love One Piece so much. :p Leo being oblivious to her love is reminiscent of a certain someone... ^^ as long as law comes out alive i wont mind if a lot of things happen .___.

    Thank ya for the tip - will have to do so when I get the time and motivation. :d Just looked up his OVA design and... bleh. :d His one in the anime is indeed a lot better and totally not as scary. Ahh yes, Korosensei has an amazing ability, though it's a bit disappointing for them in the end. :p I love seeing how he can change people's minds so positively, and it's one of my favorite things about the series. A prime example is coming up in the anime with the newest student, and I'm super excited to see him now being animated as he's my favorite student. ;y;
    I certainly don't miss my days in education except the free periods spent in the common room so a controlling tutor doesn't sound the best xD
    Two years? :O It didn't show. :p Would love to play in a 7th edition if you ever get to that. ^^

    Right? ;o; Though I have to admit that I am a bit excited to see what new fruits Blackbeard got during the timeskip. :y Sugar's thing with noses is so great. xD I'd feel sorry for her if she wasn't a villain. ^^ Kanjuro has an interesting ability, so seeing him use it in the future should be pretty fun, especially with those drawing skills of his. :p

    Mancherie's rescue chapter was a good read, imo. I've seen some people who are pretty annoyed with the dwarfs, but I really like them. xD They're funny and small and just great. :p Leo is a valiant hero indeed. And yes, hopefully she'll be healing the entire country when the arc is over, because who knows what else is going to happen. :m as long as law is saved first along with the rest of the strawhats ill be satisfied

    :OO Well it is very nice! I may just have to look up some fanart when I get the chance myself. :p
    Ahh, well, apologies anyways!!! I'll try not to say anymore. ^^
    The field trip was great, imo. I forgot some of the detials about it from the manga so it was definitely a nice refresher as well as two good episodes in general. These upcoming episodes should also be rather excited, so I'm excited to see them get animated. :~D
    You ignored the forums for Youtube how could you! Traitor!

    I'm alright. Could be better, could be worse, I guess. So can't complain. You been ok? :D
    Sorry about replying to this super late!! Got caught up in mafia games and life. :s

    Ooh, I didn't know that, but that worked really well then! xD Also, thanks again for hosting that game! I'm sad I had to leave so early but had a lot of fun watching from after my death. :n

    Yeah, I was really hoping that Burgess wouldn't get the fruit. Would have been rather sad, imo, though it would have been interesting to see what Luffy would do. I actually really like Sugar. xD She seems to be just a little girl, but she's actually kind of cynical and uses her fruit really well. And I completely agree - Usopp's double win against her was simply priceless. It seems a lot of people were doubting his abilities, though I've been rooting for him since his introduction and am really glad that he got some spotlight this arc in terms of character and power development. His cowardliness and long nose are the ultimate combo, after all. :p

    Law is worrying me right now. ._. Like, I don't know whether he's alive or dead and it's kind of scaring me, as I'd be super disappointed if he dies. :f Hopefully he'll figure out a way to get a replacement arm.

    Speaking of Karma, I love your new avatar!! Totally gives me a spy/assassination motif that fits his character so well. or maybe that's just the scarf idk I don't want to go in-depth in case you haven't seen it yet, but I'm glad Ritsu has appeared! She's one of my favorite females. ^^
    Ah, yeah, same here actually. Zexal was alright for the first half, but the second half quite frankly sucked. u.u Though I remember one episode that was pretty cool.
    Well technically it is :p but it isn't as cool anymore.

    So you actually want to work? :p but basically you have all you need to start the project to begin with and the guy won't give you the approval yet xD

    I know right! I didn't have this issue in high school D:
    Well it worked out! you lucky person :p

    Oh, so no dying from zombie bites then? that's kinda sad D:

    What's wrong? you don't like the experiment you have right now?

    Hhaahahaha...that's me right now >.< like legit it is and it sucks and I don´t know how to stop it! it's a vicious cycle!
    ha, seems like you can't win either way! Hopefully he won't be around long :p
    Pffft but at least you got accepted xD that's an achievement in and of itself isn't it?

    Ugh, it sounds like a lot o ftrouble xD plus it's a career that could kill you one day :eek: what if you create some kind of zombie virus.

    Do you pick the projects or are they assigned to you?

    I know right! I mean like in the moment it doesn't hit you as much but then later when you realize you should've studied it really makes you cry xD
    Do youf eel awesome entering it? :eek:

    So basically your experiments are the thing that you do outside of classes, ugh, sounds like you didn't really have time for much of anything I mean if you have to split it up like that.

    So the experiments are like your own little projects that you have to work on. Do you get a lot of experiments to use?

    I's hard to set priorities xD; it's like I do set them and then my cmputer just looks at me, tempting me to do other stuff.
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