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  • Do you have PMs turned off or something? I've been trying to reach you for weeks but you haven't been getting them.
    Same. You want to hop on the chat for a minute? There's something I wanted to talk to you about briefly.
    I have a good feeling about this one, it seems like they're going to go for some bigger changes here than other remakes. Already, it seems like there's going to be new forms/Mega Evolutions of Groudon/Kyogre.

    Speaking of Mega Evolutions, did you ever get around to playing XY?
    Since I won't be online tomorrow, I'll say it now - Merry Christmas! uwu Or, if you don't celebrate it, then happy holidays.
    GameStop to sell Xenoblade, Metroid Prime Trilogy for $40 - Destructoid

    You might want to pick up Metroid Prime Trilogy if you have the chance, all three of those games are absolutely amazing.
    Oh. Steam is an online service for PCs similar to PSN/XBL, and Valve is the gaming company that makes Steam, as well as some popular gaming franchises such as Half Life and Portal.

    Anyway, the reason I was asking is because they're making a console that runs Steam.
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