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  • Hey, I just read your latest post in the Mafia game you're hosting, and it seems you're having trouble. I'd like to help you.
    (I never understood mafias... When's your's gonna be over?)

    I don't have a plot of sorts worked out yet, as this is still only a budding idea I got yesterday. Anyway, all I have at the moment is that the characters are going to be spirits/ghosts. Maybe I'll allow the living, maybe not. It'll take place during the characters' afterlives, and the SU sheet will include a tag saying something like, 'cause of death'. Again, I do not have a plot set up. Maybe some magical or underworldly force disturbs the spirits' peace, or something, I dunno. Maybe you could provide some ideas?

    Also, as Co-GM, I'm giving you special GM-ish privileges, like advancing the plot, taking over important characters when I'm absent, blah blah blah. But, I want you to know that with great power, comes great risk of getting yourself killed... or something, I'm not sure. Anyway, if you abuse your power, or don't adhere to the plan, or move things too quickly/slowly, or whatever it is I don't like, I can still revoke your Co-GM status. I wouldn't want to do that by any means, though.
    Nice name & avatar change. Adventure Time is awesome. And kind of sad. And kind of horrifying.
    Sorry about the mafia. My family had to move from Darien Lake to another hotel with no wifi, because of a water problem. After that, we went to my cousins' house, and I wasn't allowed to go onto the internet.
    Gliscorman (who you're subbing for) said he will be around until the end of the day, I'll sub you in then. Sorry for the wait. I've also been really busy irl I need to catch up on everything tonight. I'll get to it, sorry!
    Hey there I figured any fan of Eevee is a friend. What's your fav Eeveelution? Mine is currently the cutie Sylveon XD
    My mother pretty much had me convinced that no one would believe me and worse, I wouldn't be able to survive in foster care/with a new family. She was the only one who could keep me "safe", as she put it.

    I used to think my childhood was just kinda weird, now I know it really wasn't that but it was actually abusive. It's taken me some time to come to grips with all that. Hasn't been easy, though. =/
    I made the picture, but can't post it here, for some reason. I can't put pictures without it having a URL first, apparently. I'll try later.
    Why is your avatar just a normal Eevee and not one with wings? You can just go to the Artist's Alcove and ask for one there. You know what, I'm going to draw an Eevee with wings right now, but I can't upload it since I don't have a camera.
    I'll give you a hint, I'd tell you what the problem with the post is, but I feel it would be better if you figured it out.
    The problem has nothing to do with the starter Pokémon, misc info, or name. Try looking a bit more carefully.
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