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Missingno. Master

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  • I got red-texted when I tried to use the training center. So then could I just add the moves to him with the link where I bought them?
    Missingno. Master
    Missingno. Master
    Well, you don't need to use the Training Center to teach TMs- it's actually optional, the service is just offered in case you don't keep track of the links , the idea being it'd narrow down where you'd have to search to find where you used the TMs. But yeah, you could use TMs pretty much anywhere. I've used TMs in the Bar, actual zones, even Visionary Glade posts. In fact, when you buy TMs, you can even stipulate that they're to be taught to a certain Pokémon upon confirmation of the purchase, and provide the necessary Pokédex entry.
    Thanks! I, uh, don't think you're one of the registering people otherwise I wouldn't ask this, about how long do you think registration usually takes? I'm excited to have my Joltik :3
    heh, you have a black ledian there

    I'm working on a plot for a future pokemon webcomic (whenever I can be assed to learn how to draw...), and one of the characters is a black ledian. It's one of the two or three non-shiny palette swaps I'm including, so the fact that I'd see it elsewhere before writing said webmango does manage to amuse me.

    well I'm at it, care to inform me about the appearance of the stunfisk and swalot? I'm not terribly interested in reading any rpgs (you could try to convince me but I'd rather not get sucked into an RP again), so.
    thought it was some sort of favorite pokemon banner, which confused me as it did not include the awesome heatmor which you previously stated was your favorite fire-type

    but that works too

    you seem to be into some weirdass shit tho, which is gr8 tbh

    whenever I see people who only care about eeveelutions, gardevoir and charizard I want to punch dogs
    hey, you
    yeah, you
    you have stunfisk, swalot, and magcargo in your sig
    that's awesome

    uh, ledian, ditto, crobat, qwilfish, and drapion are cool too. But I had to address the cooler ones first.
    Would you like to contribute an opinion to a Normal-type Pokemon family (ex: Lickitung family, Watchog family, Swablu)? It's for my Normal-type reviews, and one feature I will include is to request some users for their opinions to include.
    Hey MM, I have a question to ask.

    What's your favourite pokemon from the leaks today? Mine would be a tie between the Diplodocus and Froakie's evolution.
    As a glitch Pokémon expert, do you think Bad EGG counts as a Pokémon? Or is it a "Pseudopokémon" like normal eggs and Pokéstar Studios opponents?
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