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  • How you been Mistigrix!! I haven't greeted you in so long - in my feline team, Benita is at level 56, we have 8 badges in that team. She is as happy as always (5 heart affection)

    by now:
    56 - Meowstic
    Nickname: Benita
    Object: Soothe Bell
    Nature: Lax
    Ability: Infiltrator
    • Psysbeam
    • Psyshock
    • Disarming Voice
    • Future Sight

    I don't worry! life can be very busy at times!!

    Benita is having fun with me!! and is a really happy Meowstic - Luxury Ball - and - 5 heart Amie Affection!
    Have to remember which team I have a shiny female Meowstic in.
    How are you Mistrigix?!!

    Finally, Benita evolved to Meowstic in my feline team. She even got PokeRus along the journey!! She is doing fine.

    Her Basic Info:
    35 - Meowstic - Luxury Ball
    Nickname: Benita
    Object: none
    Nature: Lax
    Ability: Infiltrator
    • Psysbeam
    • Psyshock
    • Power Up Punch
    • Disarming Voice

    Meowstic is so darn cute in Amie!!
    Feed Me!! Pet Me!! PLAY With ME!!
    Got the next part up in my documented journey. Playful Weasel's Journal - felines will take over Hoenn - Slateport City
    It's been fun doing the journey - I do have to use my camera a lot, and I do get very distracted by Pokemon Amie
    It's just too much feeding and playing with the cute felines.

    I hope the league gives me a good challenge - with my two previous teams it had been kind of easy.
    I'll try and find you. found you
    How are you doing? - finally have my favorite Feline team going! Almost, just almost, I will have Meowstic, she is only 1 level away from evolving.

    I'm documenting my journey, not here on Bulbagardens, but at another Pokemon forum, Slateport City. The forums are kind of small at the moment, compared to Bulbagardens.
    Playful Weasel's Journal - felines will take over Hoenn - Slateport City
    Finally - my Spanish Feline team is ready to start!!
    The only Pokemon I don't have is Skitty, as I'm going to catch her in Hoenn.

    Team will be:
    Feline team had always been a dream of mine to make, back before 6th gen, I was always missing 3 cats that I could never get, I didn't have wifi back then either (so couldn't trade for them either) - those 3 where Meowth/Persian, Shinx/Luxio/Luxray, & Glameow/Purugly.

    Not much selection with Dark & Psychic felines (other than Espurr/Meowstic & Purrloin/Liepard) - it will be a great team, if you ever do decide to make the team we could have a 'double feline battle'

    Hopefully both the male and female get along.

    Gizmo will just stare back into my eyes and Meow Constantly, sort of telling me:
    "Where's the Comfy Blanket!! Can You Get It Already"
    if I don't get it out, it will jump on the laptop and won't let me use it
    I"m sure in it's mind: "This is warm enough"

    my reason for playing in French - It's a language I always been wanting to play a Pokemon game, but it was too much for importing and learned that 3DS is region-locked so I wouldn't be able to play it.

    also: since I learned that 7 languages where available, I been wanting to play the game in each language. I only need to play a team in Korean and played in all 7 languages.
    sorry I have to use a 3rd VM before you reply, it wouldn't fit in the same VM:

    My biggest struggles playing in French:
    • first off I don't speak the language
    • when a Pokemon comes out, many times I'm not sure who it is, I haven't memorized all the Pokemon's French names - many times I made the 'rookie mistake' and let a Pokemon in even with type disadvantage
    • biggest issue was when the Pokemon wanted to learn a new move, I had to look them all up - and when opponents used a move,, I was just hoping it wasn't a 'super effective' move
    • had trouble with the items, potions, and berries

    Overall, I had fun playing the team in a language I don't speak.

    My next planned team I will play in French: Eeveelution team
    I'm breeding for my next Feline Team in Alpha Sapphire - have the nicknames ready, gender ready, and bred 3 of them. I'm playing this feline team in Spanish.

    My major difference between both:
    In X, I used Glameow/Purugly - in AS I will use Skitty/Delcatty.

    This is what original Feline team was in Pokemon X:
    in X team, I already finished off the Elite 4 and Champion.
    I'm in Trouble - My Cat (Gizmo) has taken over!!
    Sleeps just about every night in my bed.
    Meows every time I don't have it's favorite bed sheet out (it's a soft one)

    everytime I see it jump on the bed, stares back at me and Meows:
    "where is it?!!"
    It's grown too Much!
    It Can't Be Stopped Anymore!
    Weapons Are Now Useless!

    (Not Even my Ferret Can Help!)
    I Can't Do Anything!!
    Yes, I must - only biggest problem is that it's just too cute to defeat, oh well, I'll just let them take over.
    Had a visitor today! When I woke up from my (cat) nap Gizmo was next to me in the bed.

    At the moment, before leaving for work, he still sleeping on my bed - I guess I will have to 'sleep on the floor tonight'
    must be saying "that's my territory!! find your own!!"

    Espurr: Gizmo, want to share the PokePuff?
    I still watch the anime just for entertainment, at least in the English dub, the jokes and puns aren't as funny as they used to be - I prefer to watch it in Japanese and in my native Spanish (jokes and puns always make me laugh)

    Seen all the movies, except for the newest one (Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction) in English at least - my favorites is "Lucario and the Mystery of Mew" and "Zoroark Master of Illusions"

    that's awesome, not sure why but I always enjoy when others tell me their favorite and least favorite Pokemon (I watch a lot of 10 in YouTube) I may end up doing one in my own channel.

    my favorites:
    least favorites:
    In one of my challenges, I have shiny female Meowstic, I was really hoping when I did all the hatchings of Espurr that the shiny wouldn't be male it was a 50/50 chance.

    I will go through more username changes
    Yep - love my Pokemon!
    anime - my favorite episodes are the ones that feature my favorite Pokemon
    all my favorites are based on my favorite real-life animals. I rarely use any of the popular Pokemon.

    My favorite Cat Pokemon is Persian, from generation 1 until generation 5 it was my #1 favorite Pokemon - no offense but when I first saw Watchog it overtook all other Pokemon for my #1 favorite to this day it's still my most favorite Pokemon, Liepard took over as favorite feline in the 5th gen (it was the first dark Pokemon I used), and the female Meowstic took over as favorite cat in the 6th gen (it was the first psychic Pokemon I ever used).

    Changed my username in early January to PokeFox since my next 6 months, my avatars will be related to foxes - after that I will change it again. Once a month I change to another Pokemon I like from the anime, once a week I'll choose a different, I change them every Saturday.

    I think it was a drinking glass promotion for the movie, a friend here on Bulbagardens tells me that the movie is terrible - I haven't seen it yet, I like horror movies. I use it mostly for diet coke. The desk is a bit of a mess at times, kind of lazy to keep it clean.
    It would't stand still enough for a portrait.
    I got same expression too!!
    Higher on the food chain than the 'otters'.

    before I forget, that's Mozart's cage, my ferret. It's usually free most of the day, the only time it's in the cage is when I'm going to leave the house - store, groceries, appointments, or work.
    I took the photo when I got back from work.
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