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  • OMG!! IT IS SOOOOOOO BAD!! Also James said this today "SURRENDER NOW OR PREPARE FOR A GRUMPIG FIGHT!!" HHHHHH, WHY THE *UCK DID U SAY THAT?! And this DOESN'T MAKE EVEN MORE SENSE!! When Ash's Goomy is Fighting Grumpig, Bonnie is cheering for Goomy and... I SWEAR TO GOD, THE Voice Actress FOR Spoink GOT OUT OF CHARACTER AND SAID "FIGHT ON!!" ... UHHHHHH, WTF?! Like the Actress may have said "Spoinkspoink!" But IT SOUNDED LIKE "FIGHT ON!!" I'm just...... WHAT?! -_-
    What was your favorite one? I loved the first one, and 3, but 2 was just okay to me, but still decent. But in 3 it was hilarious seeing Jimmy and Timmy finally getting along.

    I think Michael Liscio Jr. has improved as Clemont. Sarah while still not sounding like she's 10,
    has gotten better with her voice sounding less smokey/gruff, only sounding rough on some lines if that makes sense.
    Alyson's voice as Bonnie sounds slightly more polished but she mostly has good and bad episodes now, voice wise.
    Haven Paschall is great as Serena. This is all in my opinion of course.

    And Knotz and Carter still sound terrible, but that's about it.

    This wasn't really a spoiler as the Japanese trailers showed this,
    but what do you think of Sarah's performance here? Still could use some work, but she was a bit better IMO.
    Also, back when XY016 aired, see? I told you Alyson's crying is worse than Sarah's. :lol:


    Unfortunately, I think Ben Dixion is gonna be the David Rolfe of Generation 6 (as in TPCi uses him for all opening songs),
    but hopefully if Ed Goldfarb remains for a while, he chooses a different long term artist for the Generation 7 songs.
    IKR? I think they got better with him in Power Hour 3, but I say Cosmo and Wanda looked the best in 3D.
    But here, heck even Linus looks good, and that must have been nuts for Blue Sky's "Hair and fur" department considering how much hair he has.

    Yup, that's the guy.

    Not everyone was impressed with Eli James as Yuma, but IMO he got better as the dub progressed.
    And even if some voices in Zexal weren't the most pleasant sounds in the world, at least Darren could still get them to ACT which I commend him for.
    I actually think Michael Liscio Jr. has gotten better as Clemont so I'm fine with him has Yuya.

    I'm hoping Emily Jenness (Dawn in DP) is Yuzu, Arc V's female lead.

    Agreed. Much better than a second rate cheap remix of Pokémon Theme. :lol:
    I'm still not fond of Ben Dixon and the Sad Truth singing this, but that's about my only nitpick with the song.

    Yeah, and Dani Marcus is a better singer than she is, actress, IMO, in the good way.
    Oh I see, Movie 17 GREAT!! It's one of my Favorite Pokemon Movies now and an English Trailer for Hoopa came out like 2 days ago and... Hoop's Voice IS TERRIBLE!!
    There were some others but I think that may have been the WORST of the Episode. U been watching Pokemon as of late? I'm just asking in general NOT BAD Lines Wise.
    Here's a Bonnie Line that PISSED ME OFF!! "HMM, IT'S YOUR FAULT!! YOU GOT US INTO THIS STICKY MESS, REMEMBER?!" Bonnie, One For The Goomy. UGH!! BAD!! VERY BAD!! Also, REALLY? ARE U MAKING Sticky Puns BECAISE OF Goomy around NOW??!!!!!!! -_-
    Good to hear!! :)

    Team Rocket saying CRAP in their Motto's for MONTHS have been TORTUROUS!! They may made Cold Puns JUST 5 Minutes Ago.
    IKR? :XD2: I wish people would stop bashing the 3D though. It's not horrible at all. It's pretty much the character's original designs, only beefed up to suit 3D animation.

    Charlie Brown at Lucy's booth:

    Yeah, that would count. :lol:
    I thought he was this user, Oldschoolpokemonfan on Youtube and Google+, but he claims in a post that he's not PN2000, which I find hard to believe because he sounds just like the guy.

    Same here.

    Also, as Darth Darkrai said, Darren Dunstan (Pegasus) is the voice director for Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V.
    His other directing roles were:
    Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
    Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie 3D - Bonds Beyond Time
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal
    Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys - The Movie
    Dinosaur King

    Hey, what are your thoughts on these three?
    It seems Ed Goldfarb has replaced John Loeffler.

    Be a Hero (Season 18 opening)
    Music and Lyrics by Ed Goldfarb:


    You're just a kid on a quest,
    To be the best of the best
    Someday you're destined for power and glory!
    You know you're up to the test,
    There's only one way to tell this story!

    Be a hero, be a hero!
    All the power is at your command!
    Face your fears and show you're a hero,
    The future of the world is in your hand!

    Open My Eyes (ending to M17)
    Music and Lyrics by Ed Goldfarb:

    The Key to Me (Pikachu Short ending):
    Words and Music by Ed Goldfarb

    Darren Dunstan is Voice Director. We got a Good Cast, Emily Jenness has Joined the YuGiOh Franchise :) REALLY HOPING she's Yuzu the Female Lead, Mike Pollock, YuGiOh Staple Voice Actor Marc Thompson, Darren Dunstan, Tom Wayland, Alyson Rosenfield, Eileen Stevens and a whole bunch of Unknown's
    Speaking of which, that will be in the film:

    New Posters:

    Also, have ya heard from PN2000 lately? He STILL hasn't returned to Serebii. :lol::XD2:



    Bill Melendez as Snoopy/Woodstock (archival recordings)

    Noah Schnapp as Charlie Brown

    Alexander Garfin as Linus Van Pelt

    Hadley Miller as Lucy Van Pelt

    Mariel Sheets as Sally Brown

    Rebecca Bloom as Marcie

    Venus Schultheis as Peppermint Patty

    Mar Mar as Franklin

    Francesca Capaldi as The Little-Red Haired Girl, and Frieda

    Anastasia Bredikhina as Patty

    AJ Tecce as Pig-Pen

    Noah Johnston as Schroeder

    William Wunsch as Shermy

    Madisyn Shipman as Violet
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