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Misty Lover17
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  • Hey Billy, it has been quite a long time! It's been going alright. My life has had a lot of ups and downs over the past three years. I'm engaged now, have a decent job, waiting on a possible promotion in the next week...but family struggles have been a pain as well. How about you? How have you been fairing the past few years?
    Hi Billy! You're sure right about that! I've been doing great despite lots going on in my life right now! I've lost a ton of weight too, about 161 pounds already! It's been one of my biggest struggles ever but it sure is worth it! I'm still with my girlfriend too! We're going stronger than ever. <3 And I also finally got high speed internet! It's sure been nice not dealing with the slowness anymore. I'm really happy with it. How about you? Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving too!
    I know, it's sad! D:

    I'm doing great actually, I'm back to work which is good and bad but the best thing ever is I have a girlfriend!!! She's wonderful and we're so happy together! <3 How have you been?
    That's awesome! Can't wait to chat with you. ^_^

    Except I can't really voice chat well and I don't have a webcam so I can't face chat.
    Hey there! Sorry for the late reply. ^^;

    I'm doing okay. To be honest, I'm not feeling much better. =(

    Although, I did meet a new friend about 2 weeks ago. Maybe, if I get to hang out with him again, it would cheer me up...

    Also, when I watch Pokemon on Boomerang (or my Pokemon DVDs), that makes me very happy. ^_^
    Aww, that sucks! Hopefully you'll be able to get that fixed. Maybe the contact is dirty or not making contact somehow?
    Yeah, I know what you mean. I tried helping but I don't think she wants my help. I think one of the only reasons she ever wanted to be my friend was because I loved Pokemon and the original VAs but since I don't show my love for it much anymore, I think she's moved past me. I dunno. I miss talking to her too but she rarely wants to talk to me anymore. I've tried helping her before but she doesn't want my help so I don't worry about her anymore, I have better things to do than wasting my time like that.
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