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  • I have no idea lol. But we were chatting on Skype.

    ...which for some reason we have yet to actually do. o_O
    Yeah...I figured it'd be better to just trade it in and not let all that money go to waste. But then again I haven't played Hyrule Warriors (the game I traded it in for) in months... ><;
    Well that's why you have to shop smart. :) If you see two PS2s, one $20 that's dirty and beat up vs the $40 one which is clean with no damages, I'd spend more and get the $40 one. Chances are better that the $40 one will last longer. :)

    Of course when you buy any old and used items (good example: cars), you are accepting any risks that may arise.
    I didn't really want to, but offline was soooo repetitive. And also frustrating in some ways.
    Yeah...it was really really discouraging. And frustrating. Like even if I didn't lose cuz of being outplayed, I lost because of input lag.
    I've thought about getting a slim model at one point but now I don't really care as long as it's in good working order and the price is good. xD
    My fat PS2 also stopped reading discs so I'll have to get a replacement at some point. Wish I could get the backwards compatible PS3 but those are still expensive. :(

    What PS2 model did you have and the replacement?
    Oh, that makes sense then xD

    Ironically I got the Wii U just for Sm4sh and yet I ended up trading it in. Sm4sh, I mean.
    Then maybe I'll maybe I'll buy one then (depending on price of course). That sounds fun. Are you going to do anything exciting with your parents?

    Relaxing so far. :)
    Aww. I've been doing alright. I got Splatoon for my birthday so that's been keeping me occupied lately :p
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