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  • Neat. What kind of tablet is it?

    I used to have a Toshiba android tablet but sold it since I wasn't using it much.
    Those sound good but I'm kinda worry about their performance since they're fan-less. Atom processors (mostly in netbooks) are pathetic for Windows. :( I love ssd. Much better than hdd for laptops, imo.

    That understandable. I heard most Chromebook models don't have a fan but then again I'm not surprised since their OS is basically the Chrome browser.
    That's always a good thing. :)

    It's a Dell Latitude D630. It originally had Vista but I upgraded to 7 (I had an extra key). For a 6-7 year old laptop, it runs very good. :) Even the battery holds a charge for about 2 hr. Great for schoolwork, YouTube and internet surfing which is all I need. I'm typing this VM on the old Dell. xD
    Impressive. Just getting BA in CS is hard enough. xD

    The 2 CS classes are: assembly and internet security. The others are: calc 3 (ewww), and a sociology.
    I would but my friend is in them so I want to respect her privacy. ^^ Two CS classes, Calc 3 (ewww), and a sociology class.
    My friend and I had a good time. We did lots of shopping and sight seeing. xD It was neat to watch a Kabuki play and I even got to wear a yukata! :D
    I will~ I should be going either this Wed or Thur, depending on my friend.

    We leave around 5 am for the long (about 4-hours) road trip and to avoid overnight stay costs, we plan on leaving at about 9-10pm the same day.
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