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  • Hey Mitch! It's great to hear from you again! :3

    Yeah, I'm pretty busy too, especially it being the holidays. I'm still working on losing weight too. Since the beginning of the year I've lost about seventy pounds! Isn't that awesome or what? :D
    What should we do then? I'd like to restore the forum but I dunno what we can do with the information the same.
    Yeah, I got his email so I have to reply to it. I'm not sure we'll be able to do this though, but I don't wanna post why here. I'll reply to your email. I did receive it but working everyday just isn't helping me do what I need to do right now. x_x
    Eh, I'm okay. I had an extremely stressful day today. But yeah, I'd love to hang out sometime.
    Yeah. Good thing I'm in High School now. In a Science High School too. I'm not bragging or anything, but at least it's better then National High Schools. And lucky you for not having to relearn anything XP. Well, nice meeting you! I have to go. It's 4:30 in the morning here and I HAVE to sleep. Lol
    Oh. Ok. Lol. Yeah, I had a really tough time adjusting here because I had to go to a normal public school here instead of an International School. I had to relearn an entire language! XD
    Oh great. I'll have to tell my life story all over again. XD!
    Ok, so here it goes: My mom and dad got married and moved to California so my dad to get his PhD and my mom could get her masters. They give birth to my sister and me while being there. 8 months after I was born, we moved to the Phil. Once I reached 6 years, we moved to New Jersey so my mom could get her PhD. Then I became 11 and moved back here. Any questions? Lol
    We're having 2 chats right now. One about the Philippines and the other about IRC. XD. Sorry but IRC doesn't work on my current laptop.
    BTW where do you live? I used to live in New Jersey but we moved to the Phil and it's already about 4 years since we left US.
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