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  • I don't think it matters if a movie precedes or follows a new generation as long as the gap is short and they're advertised simultaneously. And for all we know, a different studio could release a special movie on the anniversary date worldwide. Have you seen the leak about Sony being interested in Nintendo-related movies? I just hope that live action isn't being considered for Pokémon.

    There are four things that make me think they shouldn't wait until late 2016:

    1. The NX's reveal at E3 2016. It would be preferable not to have it overshadow an upcoming 3DS-based generation; people were confused about Black/White being revealed around the same time as the 3DS.
    2. By extension, both 3DS-based generations being 3 years long would mean no NX-exclusive release until late 2019. This may have happened before with the 3DS itself, but Nintendo is obviously more worried this time.
    3. The anime simply doesn't need any filler arc without a new Kalos game. Yes, they could do something pointless to kill time, but I would think they would have opted for a slower pace.
    4. VGC 2016 shouldn't be a repeat of this year's format. Using ORAS again would be boring after they've changed the format every year since the VGC's debut in 2009.

    Beyond that, Generation VII being released in late April would allow Kanto sequels to be announced by the end of 2016, so they would still factor into the 20th anniversary. Anyway, we will know what to expect by July based on the movie teaser; I suspect that there may not be any teaser (like in 2011), which would be telling in itself.
    I'd imagine that Mega Evolution works differently in the Mystery Dungeon world, much like friendship-induced evolutions. But "Super" might allude to Super Zygarde.
    I sent this to The Outrage yesterday:

    I'm crossing my fingers that Zygarde, Eternal Floette and Volcanion are going to be incorporated into Super Mystery Dungeon so that this generation can be wrapped up. It's a safe bet that Hoopa Unbound will be a villain, so at least it will get some game-related exposition this way. I don't see a problem with Zygarde starring in a spin-off game, especially if a special Zygarde ends up being transferrable to Generation VII to unlock its forms.

    If Game Freak have established a multiverse, why not connect the main series to the Mystery Dungeon world? All they need is to have Matsumiya or another person help Chunsoft. It would be pretty fitting if Zinnia, Aster and AZ were involved in the game. Emma and Looker can show up in Detective Pikachu, which I'm still expecting to see at E3.

    Mind you, I don't see myself actually buying Super Mystery Dungeon considering the annoying gameplay (super annoying this time?), but I would think that a lot of fans would be interested in the game if my prediction turned out to be correct.
    I always end up buying both Pokemon versions so I can replay without restarting my main save file, but I've only recently began regretting buying both as I don't have interest in replaying much anymore. But yeah, I'm definitely starting with Hoshido. Not entirely because the difficulty is easier (which is definitely a deciding factor in playing easy before hard) but also because I love the style and theme of their Hoshidan characters. And the characters are half the reason to enjoy Fire Emblem for me. I am looking forward to Nohr though, it definitely seems like a change of pace after Awakening - different battle objectives is one thing I'm sad that Hoshido won't have but Nohr will. More interaction with the map through the use of the Dragon's Pulse/Vein seems cool too.
    I'm glad weapon durability is gone personally, I didn't like/enjoy it so I'm not exactly going to miss it. I'm fine with the changes to the weapon triangle and the updated weapon effects/flaws, definitely adds more strategy to using weapons than durability did. Magic being part of the weapon triangle is also going to balance it more; apparently it was overpowered in Awakening, though I haven't played Awakening that much to notice it.

    I'm pretty much a casual fan and not a classic/hardcore fan like a lot of FE fans, so a lot of the changes don't bother me as much as others that I've seen which are pretty disappointed with the directions it's going. The fact they've altered the weapon triangle, weapon durability + effects, giving us two different games with differing stories and difficulties is enough to satisfy me currently. I didn't want to be playing the same game as Awakening as it would be a bit boring, so I like the changes to the mechanics personally, as they aren't awful decisions.
    It could work, but honestly sounds like a lot of work, balancing and thought that I can't see Game Freak attempting, especially with how they are working towards wanting to simplify the games more and more these days.

    The two sides being factions and the like seems more fitting to something like a feudal setting, like Pokemon Conquest has. Unless it was more of a tournament-style rivalry between West and East. Elite Four could even be an actual knock-out tournament thinking about it, like it is in the anime (and play out like the Battle Dome or the PWT).
    One game in the pair plays one half of the region the other half plays the other? Could work I suppose, but unless the two crossover at some point or some way it just seems like two different games in theory. One thing I dislike with this sort of idea is locking out the other side unless you buy the other game, but it at least gives some weight to having two versions rather than just a bunch of version exclusive Pokemon being the sole deciding factor. Fire Emblem If differs in that it seems to be similar stories from a different angle (with you having control of its direction of course); there it makes sense you don't experience the other half if you choose one game over the other because it changes the story and it's not really about exploring like Pokemon is. Whereas half a region being locked because you chose one game seems a bit unfair. I suppose it depends on the context. Something like this could work if the full mega region was open in both games, but one side you started West and worked East and vice-versa with the other game. Might as well chuck in completely different regional dexes too, just to add to more differences (and with all Pokemon available in Gen VI now anyway, it wouldn't matter that much).

    I don't know, just spitballing off what you said, if something here is sounds bad I'll probably agree :p
    NX is looking more and more as a 2016 product.
    Says who? Certainly not Iwata.

    but I honestly don't see GF going for a 2 year gen,
    2.5 years, which should make sense if Masuda is serious about the New 3DS, especially if they're worried about Yokai Watch 3 being released this year.

    Stalling with a gen 6 game for the 20th and a late 2017 gen 7 game for the NX is my most likely situation at this point, and I am sticking with that.
    You've been changing your mind for months now based on little evidence, which makes it hard to take you seriously. Happy Birthday, anyway.
    March worked just fine for most stateside releases, as did April (DP). Late March is Japan's Spring break (which is followed by the beginning of the new academic year), so it should work quite well - better than a late February release when kids are busy with exams.

    They could always wait until late 2016, but that wouldn't make a Generation VI game more likely to happen.
    If the league happens sometime in april/may next year, they can easily bullshit there way into 2017.
    Easily? They will have wrapped up everything from the games aside from possibly the Battle Frontier, which they won't retread. The league being wrapped up in early 2016 would allow Generation VII to be released then. I really don't see what's changed.

    It was pretty obvious that Wulfric was being kept for the third opening, which could very well be used by November.
    Nintendo's forecast for this year doesn't imply a big Pokémon release, as they're predicting a decrease in 3DS' hardware and software sales. I'd say there are two possibilities:

    1. An underwhelming Kalos game, although I would think it would be released this year and already be announced.
    2. Generation VII will either be released at the very end of the fiscal year (late March) or in the next one (which could be as early as April). Even in the former case, the sales would be split between the fiscal years, while would explain Nintendo's prediction.

    I'm just hoping that they don't wait until late 2016 to launch a new generation, as that would clash with the NX's reveal and possibly reduce the 20th anniversary's relevance. They shouldn't wait that long to do something with the New 3DS.
    I'm not taking it for granted that they will do what I speculate, but I have no reason to change my expectations right now. This teaser means nothing in itself, which is why most people have been ignoring it.
    I noted this last week. This teaser is pretty small, being limited to a secondary magazine and listing three franchises together.

    Do you know when May wasn't a big month for the main series? In 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2011 when spin-off games were the only games released.

    They definitely aren't announcing the next generation considering that the next Nintendo Direct is exclusively about Splatoon.
    The forum discussion is just embarrassingly boring at this point.

    I'm ready for some announcement to break this terrible monotony, but I don't see a main series game being announced this month. It may not be too early for whatever they're planning for Volcanion and Zygarde, though. I'll be satisfied just with Detective Pikachu news if we're dealing with a story-driven adventure game.
    I don't think that the Strange Souvenir is supposed to unlock anything more than two years after its debut. It's just foreshadowing the next region and its legendary.

    Do remember the Guipna Highlands reference from the anime. That's more concrete than the possible basis of the legendary, which going by past generations, doesn't have to reflect anything about the actual region. Besides, there are probably protector deities everywhere in South America.
    That's the path that I assume leads to Route 1, as it is close to Red's house, with Oak's lab being on the opposite side. Why is the coast to the left? Because the town doesn't have to be rectangular in an anime.
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