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  • Maybe for Challenge Mode, but even then I don't see it happening for the early gyms (at least the first two). Rematches are another story.

    What new cluster of islands? I don't see the point should the Sevii Islands return. Either way, Blaine is old enough to consider retiring, and he could easily be involved with Fuji's plot.
    That's what eBay is for. And if the price isn't an issue, I'm not sure why owning a Wii U is.
    Have you played Ni no Kuni? It seems pretty interesting, but unfortunately the DS version was never localized and I don't have a PS3. I'm considering buying a used system for it, but it may not be worth it for just one game (I might like Kingdom Hearts, though). The monster design leaves something to be desired, but the graphics and storytelling are so much better than Pokémon's.
    As for Green and M. Pidgeot, I loathe to think this means remakes are more in their heads, with his signature mon being that.
    How so? They did cement Pidgeot as his ace in HGSS, so it is likely to stay that way for sequels. I would think that he would use a Mega Kanto starter in remakes.

    If you're referring to the artwork... I think that's reading too much into things.
    Dual-type Eeveelutions? I've considered the idea for their potential Mega Evolutions, but it could work here. Game Freak don't seem to like extreme typing changes for Mega Evolutions, anyway. I would think that there would be more appeal in giving the Eeveelutions the types they don't already cover between them, though. Here's one way of doing this (the breeding mates are in brackets):

    Jolteon: Electric/Bug (?)
    Flareon: Fire/Steel (Mawile)
    Vaporeon: Water/Ghost (?)
    Espeon: Psychic/Fighting (Riolu line)
    Umbreon: Dark/Poison (Stunky line)
    Leafeon: Grass/Rock (Rhyhorn line)
    Glaceon: Ice/Ground (Sandshrew line)
    Sylveon: Fairy/Flying (Emolga)

    The Field egg group currently lacks Bug and Ghost-type representatives, but that can be fixed. Note that Dragon isn't listed; there are no Dragon-type members in said egg group, either.
    I know that fan artists have been having fun with recolored Pokémon and other minor variations as of late. Those could be breeding-related.

    Combining particular species, rather than random pairs, also has potential. Tauros/Bouffalant with Miltank could yield two different baby species, which would evolve into special variants of the original Pokémon.
    Johto isn't small if you consider the connection between Arceus and the Unown, which sadly wasn't as developed as it should have been, something that hopefully is amended in Johto sequels.
    Johto emphasizes mystery and intrigue rather than grandiosity. I'm actually a little worried about what an expanded connection to Arceus could entail. I hope that Game Freak are done with Arceus after the return to Sinnoh, leaving the Johto sequels to do something more interesting with the Unown.

    Now don't kill me, but what if researching mew unlocks the potential for permanent mega evolution?
    A lot of permanent Mega Evolutions would be akin to legendaries power-wise... I honestly don't see the appeal.

    Or in another case, perhaps mew is the key to another path of evolution? In general, I feel any mew lore wouls lead to further cementing mega evolutions or an equivalent into the series.
    Whatever they do with Mew and Mewtwo should be something that can be plausibly tied to the original games. I don't want to be left thinking that the games aren't actually expanding on Tajiri's story.

    Unlike Mega Evolution, Primal Reversion might have actually existed in the original universe's distant past, and Professor Birch hints at more hidden forms of evolution: "Mega Evolution... Primal Reversion... And who knows what other forms of Evolution that may have become lost in the passage of time... Many evolutionary possibilities may have come and gone since Pokémon first appeared in our world..."

    All I can say is that this is worth exploring for legendaries, but I'm unsure about regular species. But really, shouldn't Mew be tied to regular evolution? Why the need for something more complicated? If anything, Mew could be the key to a new kind of breeding that completely overhauls base stats and movepools.
    My sequel thread was supposed to be about the Guyana-Kanto connection, but no one really let me expand on that. It's because of the potential story connection that I don't think there is any rush to start the generation with Kanto. The sequels would not only continue from the original Kanto games, but also from the Guyana games. I can imagine the villains moving from Guyana to Kanto, especially if they want something from Mr. Fuji.

    I've changed my wording to "most fans aren't particularly anxious yet", which I think is a fair statement. Myself, I prefer Kanto, Johto and even Unova's smaller scope. I've never liked the Creation trio or Arceus. The multiverse also has little appeal to me as long as the Pokémon world feels incomplete as-is.
    I don't think that the PWT is guaranteed to have that big a role...

    Kusaka would be wise to wait for 2016/2017 before doing anything with the Kanto characters. I can't really blame him for the timeline except for the awkward decision to make HGSS prequels to DPPt.
    That's where we differ. I don't think that Kanto has to revisited in 2016 as long as sequels are announced by the end of that year and Guyana-based games get the ball rolling first. I find it hard to see what separating Kanto from the next generation would achieve. Zygarde should be focused on this year to keep it relevant to Kalos (a story-driven app about its role in the Kalos war is the best thing they could do for it in my opinion), and its forms could be unlocked in any region.

    Gen 7 can still come n 2016, but in the second half, much like FRLG and emeral in 2004.
    That isn't a good example. Emerald was just a third version and it felt as if FRLG's content suffered because of it. The gap between releases should be at least a year.
    I wonder if the Eevee that is joining the anime won't evolve into Sylveon but rather a new Eeveelution. Sylveon has been promoted enough and will appear with Valerie, anyway.
    Huh, even then an announcement and the special would overlap, or just barely miss each other
    There's nothing wrong with that; the anime will promote Kalos until the end of the generation. But I don't see why Volcanion would be revealed after a new generation.

    I guess that "reverting to simplicity" could entail retro art. It might even be the simplest interpretation of what he said.
    Who considers December an Autumn month? November and December are the holiday period, but that's a different distinction. Anyway, Act III was scheduled for Spring and ended up airing in March. Add six months to that and you get September.

    The patches are an anti-hacking measure. They seem to care more about that than compatibility. I think it's more interesting that there is an iOS app just for XY (which encourages Japanese kids to play the games in English).
    The last Mega special could easily air in September, as it's an Autumn month last I checked. And an app for the remaining distributions could be released even earlier.

    The Famitsu+Wii announcement doesn't seem to be that big.
    The only thing that bothers me about a May-June announcement is that I would have thought they would have done something with Zygarde and Volcanion first. September would give them that time. Besides, Detective Pikachu could be a big game in its own right, given its 2-year development cycle.
    But what makes you think that the games are on a 4 year track? Name one thing that isn't an assumption about Kalos getting another game as opposed to some sort of DLC. I can't see why the Kalos badge quest would be covered in the first two years of a 4-year generation, or why all the non-mythical Pokémon would be made available in the first year.

    As for the Movie 19 preview:

    1. There was no preview for Movie 15 in 2011.
    2. The teaser could just allude to the next movie being part of a new generation, or being part of a separate anime continuity (possibly the same one as Origins) to commemorate the 20th anniversary. No specific details would be necessary.
    2. Genesect was revealed in time for the Movie 16 preview. The same could happen with Volcanion.
    3. If Zygarde were the star, I don't see why it couldn't just appear in a preview as-is. People would just speculate about it until a later announcement. Do remember what happened with Giratina and Kyurem.

    I would think that the next movie would be pretty special. A movie just about Zygarde and Volcanion would be a step down from the Hoopa movie, and it's clear that the anime producers are more conscious of the movies' appeal after the shrinking box office numbers.

    If any 2016 game is announced this June, I can only see it being a new generation. Nothing else would require more than 6 months of build-up (especially not a glorified third version).
    The movie trailer shows that the good Hoopa will revert to Hoopa Unbound to save the day.
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