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  • I'm so up for that bruh, just pick me up. :p

    Ah, okay. Yeah it's like a very vertically long strip of land that's probably about two miles wide at the biggest, and it stretches from Virginia Beach to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, I think. Look on a map and you'll see it. Ever heard of Cape Hatteras, with the famous lighthouse? That's at the Outer Banks.
    I just want to see a real, live, wild moose. And taste the maple syrup of course.

    You've never heard of the Outer Banks? :O It's a series of beaches along the North Carolina coast. It's only about a five-hour drive from where I live by DC.
    Nah, I don't blame you. I like my alone time too xD I hate it when I get pressured to do things. It sucks.

    Yeah, I can't say I'm not jealous. Canada is pretty cool, despite it's being cold.

    I'm going to the Outer Banks on Saturday ^-^
    That's alright! I did have fun :) how was your trip?

    Speaking of camping trips, a couple of my friends went on a camping/canoeing trip up in Canada! They canoed 125 miles over two weeks. :U
    I seem to be catching up with old friends a lot recently. First you, then I hung out with an old friend today for the first time in six months. :D
    My brain is yelling "sleep pls dj kthxbai" so I'm gonna nod off. Goodnight, I'll talk to you tomorrow! ^-^
    That's great! it sounds like you're doing very well, and that makes me happy :'D

    For me? Oh gosh. I kinda went under the radar in terms of being online and such, and I think doing that led me to see who I really am and who I wanna be. I found myself, I guess. :) I don't really care about the outside anymore and impressing people like I used to. I have a solid friend group and they love me for who I am. I have a girlfriend, we've been dating for seven months, and she's fantastic. And lastly as a whole, I feel so much happier than I was at the beginning of the year. I still get sad sometimes but that's normal, I guess.

    Interest-wise, I still love Nintendo, specifically Pokemon, Zelda, and Fire Emblem. I'm that one person you know that has a Wii U and I think it's fantastic. I'm really sad it didn't work out for the company...And some of the games are simply FANTASTIC. Like the new Mario Kart? Splatoon? Bayonetta? Astounding.

    I'm still a Clarinet player in marching band and concert band, I'm a section leader now. We're State Champions too. :D I still listen to Shinedown and 3DG and Paramore and stuff like that, but my favorite bands have grown to include Grouplove, Modest Mouse, The Black Keys, WALK THE MOON, and twentyonepilots among others. I still swim, but i'm on a different team, and i'm doing it to a lesser degree, and I'm not as fast anymore. But I still have fun with my friends. :)

    my hand hurts after typing all that >.<
    It was obviously the one and only Slenderman. Who else could pull off such stealthy, swift moves?

    Yeah, those were some good days :) *greeting hug* how have you beeeen? What's changed, what's new? It's been...Over a year since we last talked. :eek:
    It was obviously the one and only Slenderman. Who else could pull off such stealthy, swift moves?

    Yeah, those were some good days :) *greeting hug* how have you beeeen? What's changed, what's new? It's been...Over a year since we last talked. :eek:

    But yeah. Idk. I wanted to talk to you, for some reason. Maybe nostalgia, I dunno.
    I'm having a hard time making a choice tbh, but I think I'm going to get Y. How about you? ;w;

    And yeah!
    Yeah, same... I have to eat at least two sandwiches or I'll like, pass out. xD And don't!
    Not really "lunch". They'll eat maybe a biscuit. Few people actually bring sandwiches, and I know about two people in my year who eat hot, canteen food.
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