• Snowy leaves Circhester and heads to Spikemuth. Watch here as his Rotom Bike learns to swim...somehow.
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  • Yeah... I guess that's part of what makes the game so unexpected, you can't really tell what's coming next.

    Oh, yeah, that is pretty early. o_o
    His death was kinda unexpected tbh, and yeah, watching and reading that was heartbreaking. :c

    Oh, that makes two of us. xP Is practice early,t hen?
    I'm sure you'll enjoy them, he's a pretty funny character imo. xP And yes, Kirigiri's can be really cute. x3

    Wow, you play field hockey? That's cool! And aw, why not?
    Yeah! Those moments can be really adorable. I especially like some of Ishimaru's conversations, and Chihiro's, of course.
    I've been doing great! I'm just glad it's summer, to be honest. QwQ Oh, being busy sucks. :c
    Oh, really? I actually didn't know there was a video walkthrough, so... xP And ah, I guess that makes sense! Maybe you should do both? Watch it, then read it, and compare?
    Ah, it's great to see so many people getting into it, even if I'm still pretty new myself. xP And yeah, that's how I got into it too, through the many posts from the fandom on Tumblr. ^^;; I haven't watched the third yet, but I know what happens because I've read the LP. And oh, you're watching the walkthrough? Wouldn't you prefer to read it?
    Really? :eek: i hope she has fun.

    I haven't really been following the games, and I really don't care because i'm going to buy it anyway, but I do agree with you; the plot draws me in to the Pokemon series more than the graphics. That's why I'm not very fond of the latest Mystery Dungeon.
    I'm hanging in there.

    Yeah xD i never talk with ANYONE anymore. Like Lara and i have barely said a word to each other in the past month.
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