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Miyako Grace
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  • this website is filled with new eyes, the old ones from the past are since parted.

    Yet I remain, in a new familiar but unknown world?
    Yes and no. I'm excited at the fact that it's gonna be more like Dark Souls 1, but I'm not looking forward to the instant backstabs. LOL How about you?

    Ok then. I have been working to replenish my funds, and when that happens, I will gift it. For now, however, what is your account name, so I can be ready? It's fine, I hope things have been well.
    I've heard. I'm gonna treat it the same way I treated Bloodborne and try to stay spoiler free.
    Oh, thanks for the concern. Nothing's really going on though, it's just been slow. Wish to leave? Not really, I'm fine. I'm just saying that even if I wanted to, I can't really go through with it due to the reasons stated earlier.

    Uh... I don't remember that, honestly.
    I plan to locate them today. I am flattered to hear.

    Alright. Unfortunately, it is not. I won't, I have no plans to be that foolish, Kaguya-hime. True, true. Indeed, when done well, it's...fairly enjoyable. That is something that would interest me, yes. I will, Princess. I apologize, indeed. Oh, will we? As she always does. A lovely melody, as befits her. But, another shrine maiden has settled in Gensokyo, I hear she's made a name for herself, shall we see? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pgyttbTccQ

    Ah, the only thing I can offer is myself, for whatever it's worth. -continues-

    I see, beware I shall, then.
    I've been fine. Honestly I don't really expect you to ask or wonder how I've been because I would imagine Scarlet keeps talks about me. Guess I'm foolish to think so. =w=;

    I've always been around, more or less lurking. I use BMGf to stockpile important PMs, and not really much anything else. I'm a little tied to this website because one of my best friends is a mod, so I can't really leave.

    But yeah, it has been forever. A little over half a year, it seems. Even then, that conversation was brief.
    If you're asking a question when you said "who re-appeared"... well, you're not completely right. Or wrong, either.
    It's more that an old friend of mine mended his differences with another friend of mine.
    Indeed, I would. That is fine. True enough, greed can stir easily and provoke further greed, I feel. You hopefully will not have to wait long. The source I remember has both

    I meant that, while I am able to at the moment, I would prefer to earn more funds first. Fortunately, I have available an effective way to accomplish that fairly quickly. Understood. Ah, I do enjoy... that kind, but I don't generally spend time with them because... well, you know. Indeed, a game can become something completely different, only restricted by the imagination and skill of the modifier. That is probably true. It is intelligent, as it allows you to enjoy the good of both sides, without tying yourself only to one. If you would wish me to, lunar princess. I see, hm. -studies you- That is so, I did not mean to imply anyone did or would. Yes, yes. I'm flattered to hear that. Perhaps it is, Kaguya-hime. Oh, let us, indeed, and she will be left out as she belongs. The were-beast teacher, hm? An interesting character. But let us continue to walk the night. A night insect drifts, with a strange and happy melody. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8IdpeTpGNI

    Indeed. -nibbles-

    I would say our forms are mutable, but the core stays the same.
    I am, myself, but that persona won't fully disappear. I enjoy it too much. I would say not, greed is when your wants come before anything else. Oh, I do, I do. I may yet find some today, for your interest and pleasure. Indeed, you are open-minded, that is so.

    It won't be, but I might wait, as I have means to earn money I should utilize. My accounts must be kept in good health. Alright. Indeed, it does, of all sorts. As am I, for I have too.. but yes, there are advantages to PC games. Easy modification is one of them. That is intelligent of you, Raven-san. (I am used to calling you that, as you are used to my being Rabbit.) Yes, I would indeed. True, true. It has. I can see both sides, benefits and negatives. All considered, I would like it regardless. With the right arrangements, perhaps... Hm, am I? If I am, I am one who has forgotten themselves. Ah, yes, Eirin-san must not be forgotten. She provides a beautiful elegance to complement that of Kaguya-hime. But let us not forget the third servant, in her loyalty. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQ6eLAgbqrQ

    Is it, is it? -nuzzles back-

    Hm? I would say... the flow of time and how it affects and shapes things. With care, one can avoid being shaped, and perhaps be a shaper.
    Ah, that is fine, as I have said before, there are benefits to changeability. A want I can understand, Raven-san. I cannot deliver on everything, unfortunately. I will find material, that much, I can say. I have ideas of where to search. pats comfortingly

    It would, but the price is in single digits (of dollars). It is no issue for me, when it comes to a friend. That's fine, whenever you wish. I feel the same way, the majority of games I like are console-based. Indeed, variety is a large component of maintaining pleasure. Ah, certainly. That is so, appearances are, as ever, deceiving.. I cannot say, not having the view of an immortal. That is something only the immortals can decide for themselves... A tale to remember, and a song to appreciate. In the accompanying image, I spot a moon rabbit. Perhaps we shall hear her perspective, through the lens of music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eBamS76vOA

    -blushes- A blind maneuver, but one I don't regret. It is my pleasure.

    I cannot say, I simply try to avoid being overcome by the winds of time.
    Indeed, much appreciated. Identities are curious things, what started as a short-time mask grows to cling to you. Ah, alright. I meant that it could be any two from Higurashi, but... you have got me thinking. It would be interesting, indeed. I will tell you what my conclusions are, when they come.

    Yes, I can acquire it and arrange for it to be sent to your account. Only occasionally, really, I am more of a console gamer. I would like to show you. Yes, I might. Pleased to hear. I will tell you if and when. True, overexposure can strip almost anything of its appeal. That is nice, to explore the roads less traveled, so to speak. Indeed, and find pleasure, relief, or healing. Ah, that is so. To give company to the lonely, I would seek, then. I am undefined, I have yet to resolve myself. For now, a human is the closest description. I am happy to hear that, Hime-sama. I certainly would. A nice and powerful song, indeed. Ah, melancholy. The tale of the Lunar Princess and the immortal phoenix of flames, reflected in this song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtdgkpVsGwg What feelings may lay beneath the eternal conflict?

    -nuzzles in return- It was a surprise, yes. I chose to make the first move, and it proved a good choice.

    Ah, whether it is, that is something only you can decide. Who knows? As you said, life can surprise you.. I am glad to hear that. Much appreciated, you have my thanks. I wish the same for you.
    Indeed, it would be... I'll admit, it is partly because I feel I have settled into this form, and I feel uncomfortable changing without an occasion to mark. I do feel shame for denying you your treat, however.. I see, that is fine. Whatever we choose, paired or not, it is of Higurashi. Unfortunately, I have found little Creepypasta, and none that impressive. I believe I know a good place to look, however. That they do.

    Ah, I see. It is simply that if you had one, or create one, that is your choice, I would put into your possession the first Higurashi VN, and perhaps the others as they come. Why yes, I can be daring. I don't know, is it, is it? Will you make me suffer in pleasure, Raven-san? -eyes you curiously- Ah, yes, that is so. Music can carry with it feelings, joy, hope, yearning, melancholy. However things are, whatever you're feeling, you can find music to identify with. Oh, the Princess of the moon is as a lonesome sparrow? I may yet take you there. Gladly. A nice performance, yes. For the time being, I am bound to this world, but I can still soar the skies and look out into celestial space. A song, as the Tengu flies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_9OxgVSP3U

    Indeed, the relationships people form are interesting. -gazes back-

    Ah, indeed, I can only wish you luck in stabilizing soon. True. I am happy to hear that.. I feel that way as well. Hopefully, it is a good future, but I do not have any definite plans yet..
    I am.
    I am here, now.

    And so you have changed. That is a pretty picture of Rena, I must say. I would like to keep to the plans I have set, but the time will come when I transform. Creepypasta is highly variable in terms of quality, but there have been some that set fairly high standards, I would agree.

    Do you have a Steam account, Raven-san? (If you have answered this, forgive my erratic memory...) If you do, or could get one, I might arrange something. Hm, hm? I'd let you have all the fun you wish, of course. I'm...unsure, actually. -ponders- That is a fair worldview, music is one of the great achievements of humanity. They are attractive creatures, indeed, although I admit I have a fondness for birds of all kinds. Yes, an attractively simple yet intricately formed melody, a work of art. Another piano performance for you, somewhat more energetic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pua6UAtWeQ

    Yes. I am easily impressed, perhaps, but you appeal to me. I consider you a good friend. -peers at you-

    That would be nice. Ah?.... ehehe. I will, Raven-san.

    I am happy to hear as such. All I can say is that when you do appear is pleasant enough. I must say, I have become rather expectant of your messages as well. My days are going well, calm and simple, really. I hope to be enrolled in college later this year, so what will be, will be, then.
    You gave me a pleasant surprise, indeed. -pets-
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