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  • $60 for a shirt?! What the shit? o_O
    Sadly true. I didn't think it was as big in the Netherlands as compared to here though.

    Why don't you have a cute widdle kitty? D: Parents not too keen on the idea?

    And then it gets to the point where you have so many things you want and need to do tat you feel overwhelmed and get very little, if any, of them done.
    Or at least I get to that point on occasion. Very stressful. :x

    And you do a good job. ^^
    I came up with the name "General Das Bier" in middle school for a game my friends and I were playing. Having German as my elective during that time inspired the name, along with the year I made the account.

    A lot of work by my definition anyways. xD And thanks for the well wishes. The same to you in school this year. ^^
    With a busy schedule it's understandable. I save threads I want to reply to, but never end up doing so. Still mostly hang out in F&G and OtB.

    I find it expensive. Would hate to see how expensive your clothes are over by you. xD
    The extreme patriotism and (in general) "we're better than you and you should conform to all of our ways" attitude comes to mind readily. But I know we're not the only country that suffers from this.

    Thanks. :3 They're Bengal kittens.

    I do that on Skype. >.< I can't be on here and on there at the same time, I always end up neglecting one or the other.

    Your accent is cute. :3 Also, if you get a friend invite from some beer, that's me.

    Two classes on Tuesday and Thursday, one three hour class Wednesday. And I work Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 5 to 9pm, with every other weekend thrown in there too.
    Not much compared to what other people have to do, but it's a bit of a juggling act to do that, help out around the house, and work as staff here. We'll see how the rest of the year plays out.
    Yes you should. >:/
    jk, if you're off having fun, enjoy it~ You don't have to force yourself to check in regularly. =]

    Eh, not everything, but I wouldn't say we're the worst country in the world to live in.

    Yep yep, that one is Chester. :3 His sister is the smaller one named Riley.
    's ok. Again, if you're off having run and enjoying life, you don't need to feel obligated to post here. ^^ Thank you for the congrats~

    Ooooo, link plz?
    School started Thursday for me. I only have three classes this semester, but still, it feels overwhelming. I'm hoping that's because it was just the first day and not totally because of the upcoming workload.
    Huzzah! :D
    It is. If you lived here, you would get fireworks for your birthday every year.
    People celebrate our nation breaking away from the British Empire by blowing stuff up, having parades, throwing parties, and getting drunk. Not necessarily in that order either. xD

    Sorry for the late reply. ^^;
    I've been good. Got new kittens, got a new laptop, got a year older (though it's debatable whether I became wiser. xD)
    How bout you buddy?
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