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  • Oh, wow, I missed your birthday! D; Well, happy belated birthday, and I was hoping you'd help me with something here~

    So I'm running this thing on a forum called Pokemon Solstice called Solstice Camp. It's going to be through the entire month of July. Sign ups are now through the 28th of June at 11:59pm EST. If you want to join, click here and put Felly as your referrer.
    Hey Moises! :) I hope you have a very nice, Merry Christmas and wonderful Holidays, and that all you wish for reaches fruition.
    D: @ the Wii but at least its fixed ^_^. If mine broke I'd die T_T. I haven't had time to play anything in a looooooooooooooong time, but hopefully soon :B
    lol, no sweat. I know you've been out and didn't catch every detail around here.

    I hope to keep Bulbagarden humming along just for you guys. ^^
    I was doing that too XD except I was trying to make it black... but 1, I can't find a good mew pic, and 2, every time I change the colour it gets all dealiased D:
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