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  • Oh did you have fun then?

    And I've been alright! Just hanging out with my Grandma before she returned to Puerto Rico. Aside from that nothing too major besides taming gerbils I brought home two weeks ago.
    Ooo sounds fun! I love Dubai and Singapore - haven't been to Malaysia though! Where did you go in Singapore and Dubai?
    You went to a lot of really nice places wow o.o

    Just with my parents and stuff
    Hey Monarchy! Long time no see! It's no problem, it's fine! Where'd you go? I could use a holiday right now tbh :p
    Lol. Maybe you angered the post gods somehow and it was punishment xD

    Hmm...does lunch or recess count? :p I live in the city irl.
    Hmm it's all strange to me. Perhaps you double clicked post or something and bulbagarden processed it accidentally instead of putting up that message that reminds you of waiting 30 seconds to post again or you've already posted.

    Lol Plato is neeeed no more xD.

    Oh boy, that doesn't sound so good. To be honest I have no idea what I want to be when I'm older as a job, let alone my study path. I'm sure it'll come to me sometime. What about you?
    Still something to look forward to. :D I feel like I need to learn more about queens who haven't been on Drag Race, since the majority of those I do know come from the show besides the queens who have a series on WowPresents.

    Yea I can't argue there. That's a freaky coincidence, wow.

    I love storyboard, and planning out animation processes so far. So I do enjoy it, although it's tiring. And I don't doubt that, I just need to actively try which I haven't yet heh.
    What is this madness?! :p

    Anytime :). That's so true and what a coincidence. Good ol' Plato.

    Of course, of course. Yeah, I agree with you on the more positive. I just wish that with every good thing there wasn't a bad side to that, e.g the internet and cyber bullying.

    Ah, ok. You see I'm in middle school so this is all interesting and new to me!
    You gay eh ? Yay, you are first friend of mine is gay ^^.

    Well, not yet. But I was get a kiss from a girl when I was young, about 3 year ago :D. Not sure why she kiss me, but then I hang out with she more often. :p

    Anyway........... Crap, I can't think any topic to talking about :d. Is it hard to making a friend on the school if anyone know you are gay ?
    Double post much? :p

    That's true, I guess xD But you're really good and I like to think of people being equals at things, such as this.

    That's so true and I feel so sorry for people, like if they're really affected by it they could get depression, suffer from anxiety, and worse cases commit suicide. D: Times are changing, I guess, for the worse and the best.

    Lol xD say what classes do you do?
    Dude, 1/10 is worst and 10/10 is perfect, so 6/10 is normal. I'm not sure what will I do with english in future. But well, it is a school subject and children job is have to learn it ^^. I try to learn some serbian too.

    Enough about english, do you have girlfriend yet ?
    Guess what, 6/10 point for my english test last year. Look like I have to spent one more year to learn more about english before my point become 4/10 or less (T.T). At least it good enough to let's me join this forum :V
    Nah, I sell it for personal reason,I don't love dog really much anyway. Thinking about the past, I just wish I never ask dog for the birdthday gift :D

    Well, as Instrument I can play with keyboard and a little with flute. About sport, I play soccer. Swimming and cycling too, if that count.

    Do you have plan for a job in the future yet ?
    I have two and all of them are the cat. I have a dog too, but I sell it already.

    Do you play any instrument or sport ?
    That somewhere was horrible! You really think so? I still think I'm terrible at this!

    Yeah social media stuff rocks but then there's always cyber bullying :'(

    Lol it sounds like it xD I mean that class sounded creepy and weird when you told me about it and that video though...
    I'm hyped for S2 of All-stars now that I've seen the official announcement. I'm glad we don't need to wait too long for another fierce competition. x)

    April went home way too early, I loved her "I'm Every Woman" lipsync. But her outfits were fierce, so I have a lot of love for her. So that's definitely gotta be a plus in your books. :p The only Puerto Rican queen I didn't like was Kandy Ho.

    That's good! And I'm a media arts, and animation student. So I study, I need to get myself a job though.
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