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  • I wouldn't like an ANAL revival, to be honest. It would take another epic n00b troll to make that happen, and the way it seems, it's not gonna happen again like it did last time.

    Also, I think you should try to make another forum! I'd join. :3

    And, yeah, Desuforums is fun, but at heart it's really #desu and no matter how hard we try, it will be hard to differentiate the bond enough to keep the forum alive as a seperate, independent entity.
    Yeah, I have a feeling Desu's gonna die out pretty soon. (If, of course, it hasn't already. :p ) Forum administration is difficult if you're not dead-set on expanding the community. It works out nice for about a week to a month, and then it just fails. The ANAL had Josh who pretty much put us back on the market and kept it alive for almost a year and a half. And then he left and it died within the week. Lol
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