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  • Can't trade now? Cause I can. And it's going to be 12:30 here in 7 minutes anyways.
    I thought you said 5pm my time it's only 12pm here. And I'm not making it two sorry.
    My schedule just opened up for the rest of the week, so I'm going to resume breeding your 6 IV Rufflet.

    And now that I have some free time, let me know if/when you get the Scyther so I can trade you my 5 IV one for it.
    If I don't post in the section, it means I'm either busy or I can't help you out. :p

    Now that my homework up till Friday is done, I can lend a hand with Scyther if no one else did yet.

    Also this is for X/Y I assume?
    Okay, so I'll trade you the 5 IV one I have and I'll keep trying to get a 6 IV one. Just letting you know that my ability to keep breeding for a 6 IV one is going to be limited over the next few days. I'll be around to trade when you're ready, but I won't be able to try for a 6 IV one until later this week.
    well ... yeah ok i guess thats fine :p!!
    but if you do get a 6 iv can you please give it to me because i am using it for both breeding purposes and competitive play :p
    - i haven't gotten your 6iv scyther + defog yet
    i'll have it by tomorrow or Wednesday because my mum took my 3ds cause i didn't finish some work sheets in a certain amount of time so i will trade tomorrow or the day after :p

    thanks for everything though !!!
    Hey there, I'm breeding your Rufflet right now. I have several Rufflet ready, all with Adamant natures and their Hidden Ability. The only thing is, I'm having a lot of trouble hatching one with 6 IVs. Would you accept a 5 IV one with a 31/31/31/x/31/31 spread? Most Pokemon are either physical or special attackers, so unless you're planning on using this Rufflet for breeding purposes only, a Braviary should not be affected by not having a maximum IV in Special Attack.
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