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  • Hi again. As you've not been on in a while, I think I'll probably have to go to someone else for those eggs sadly. If you do come back on I'd be more than happy to complete our deal.

    Could you drop me a line when next you're on? Many thanks.
    Hi again, sorry to bother you. I was just going to ask which Pokemon you'd like me to chain for you, and their specifics (nature, ability, gender and suchlike).

    I just wanted to make a start asap, because I don't want to mess you around come trading time and chaining takes me quite a while.

    Huge thanks in advance.
    Yeah, I try to help people complete their dex, or rng shinies whenever I have time. ^^ I don't really have a list of pokemon I have because it would take way to long to list them all.. plus most would need to be cloned anyway. XD But if you are looking for an rnger for gen I through IV I do rng pokemon from those generations. I will hopefully learn gen 5 sometime later when I'm not busy. :3
    Sure, take as long as you want. Thanks so much for doing this. Let me know when you've decided what you want chained, and pick as many as you like.
    sadly, I am still learning to rng, but they were from members on here (the ones I refer to are siburke939 and Fishpies) both are reliable, (granted, siburke's no longer trading, but still)

    and cool. Also, if you dont mind clones, I can have my legit shiny golem cloned for you, (caught by me in a random encounter)
    ok, well, I do have a manaphy egg, ranger riolu, a few xd pokemon, and some rngd shinies. (gastly, beldum, ekans, and a few others.... )

    Lemme check back with a list of my offers. I am still finalizing the list.,
    but for instance: Jellicent with a calm nature and perfect special attack iv?
    Thanks that sounds great. How many would you like? Pick as many as you want.

    Thanks again, and let me know when and what you've you've decided. The chaining might take me a while, mind, but I'll try to be as quick as possible.
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