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  • Yeah I know right? They're very addicting. One of my favourite videogame series. I'd recommend the new one, it's improved on a lot of things compared to the wii version.
    Doing well, thank you. ^^ I mainly spend my days playing animal crossing. x) Yeah but I watch mainly the euro and worldcups, not really into the champions league and such.
    Haha, that's both good and unfortunate. x) Though if you end up with sufficient enough for both I'd say it's good.

    Well the philosophy classes I had all relate to science compared to history and stuff. But for all philosophy you'll get a person or group of people who will have an idea on something, and then they'll go over that. Then usually you'll get another philosopher or group that thinks something similar on the same subject but differently and then they'll compare. Luckily I passed that resit with a pretty high grade ^^

    You should try playing mafia in the war room sometime. If it weren't for mafia I don't know if I'd have still been around right now x)
    Aw that sucks. But at least you're almost done. But I kinda know the feel, personally I keep getting philosophy classes forced on me even though I absolutely loathe philosophy. I actually failed the last class in it and have to retake the test in a week, so I hope I'll pass this time so that I won't have to retake it next year. x)
    Ahhh I can't believe I missed this vm somehow >.< I'm sorry, super late reply! ^^"

    Haha, she sure plays her part well then. But nah it was just a screenshot. But my avatar is a videogame character now so you probably won't mistake it for me again :p

    I've been fine, I'm currently at university myself where I study history. At the moment I'm having my exams so kinda busy studying for those. What about you, do you have a major yet? :)
    Oh haha, personally I always pronounce it as moy-tes, as mooi is a Dutch word meaning pretty x)

    I'm fine thank you. No my avatar is an image of a Doctor Who character, Clara, she's the newest main character on that show. I'm a guy myself :p
    Yeah that's what I meant, accounts will now lock past usernames so you don't have to worry about other people taking them. But I see you got an admin to change it for you so that's good :)
    Haha, I don't think I've ever had a reply as late as that. I'm afraid your other account now has the name Mooites held hostage so you'd have to change it to something else (maybe an admin can change it to mooites regardless but I'm not sure about that). Good to once more have you back though!
    Bulbagarden gave me a virus! Twice acutally! So yeah, I'm not going to come on... ever again ^^; Sorry everyone, but Mooites is mooooooving along!
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