• ME begins a second journey around Sinnoh. Watch here as he follows a famous Professor around.
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  • Sure, we can do it right now if you'd like. You wanted a Bulbasaur, right? Anyway, I can be on in a nano, just let me fetch my DS.
    It's OK, someone else got what I needed. Hope you'll resolve that problem, though. And, thank you for trying, I appreciate it.
    Sure, that works, too. It would probably work better for both of us anyway, as we can guarantee we'd have more free time. I'll just keep little bulby safe until then. So just let me know when you're back and we'll get rolling. Later.
    It's okay, with the holidays, I'm pretty booked myself. I won't be able to trade, though, not until at least Friday. I have my aunt staying here for a few days, but she's leaving midday Thursday. But I'm pretty much the host, as my father is very scatterbrained and my mother panics over small details and imperfection. So I have my hands full for a while. I'll VM you later in the week when I should be free. And yeah, I'll take care of that nickname for you as well. So I'll let you know when I'm in the clear. Merry Christmas.
    Glad that it decided to work this time! Thanks for the Pichu. Hope you treat your new Oshawott well. ;)
    Okay, I'll be at the Wi-Fi room in 10 minutes. That should give you some time to get ready.
    Okay, it seems the Wi-Fi room hates us, and we aren't going beyond the area. Want to try again at another time?
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