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  • Aww, how sweet. Don't worry, I don't mind being turned down(considering I had done the same to some people when I used to have a shop).
    Good ^_^
    If you want screenshots, tell me, I'll provide them(although you'll have to wait a bit :sweatlol:)
    Err, actually, its not something to be taught, every person has a different way of perceiving how the sprite will be animated. And with yours, the only mistake was that when you save the file as a .gif and "export" it, after that, in the dialog box there is an option for setting the time period between the frames, right? Below that option there's another option(whose name I'm forgetting) in which it is written "I don't care". Click it, and from the drop-down list, select the last option available. Try it, then tell me if you have any problems ;)
    No, not really. :sweatlol: Thanks though.
    Sincerest apologiez for cutting this conversation short, but it looks like I have to go to bed now.
    I'll see ya around. Oh, and you can expect me to give you a request tomorrow. :)
    Hello, and welcoome to the gardens. ^^;
    Thank you for the splice comment ^-^; I've seen your shop and you're really good at splicing. :)
    Hey, Morru. I'm not too sure that Hit-mon-turne animation turned out perfectly, want me to give it a try(as in want me to animate it instead)?
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