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  • Ooo well don't battle me yet. I don't have 4 pokemon yet. I'm really new. Once I get 4 pokemon. I will make sure you are the first gym I face. :)
    That's great.

    I've been through my Eighth Grade, was really fun too. =3 Lately been playing Minecraft, but that's about it.
    Cool beans XD I like your notification system. I didn't forget, just debating how I can possibly save the battle. I'll send soon.
    Really? That's cool. You two got a good combination.. a good chemistry!.

    If I pass my gen chem this semester I'll be taking Organic Chemistry as well. I've been having worries about the upcoming diagnostics exams which is 20% of our grade.
    I guess so.. tiyaga lang at pagsisikap ang kailangan, disiplina at syempre dapat may pagkukusa..hehe.
    Oh I see.. I have a hard time with Trigonometry too.. BUt I rather prefer Trigo than Calculus.. It was a lot harder for me to catch up with our Calculus class. Our prof. was good but the subject isn't that well.. good for me..I think... babagsak ako:(
    Ah, I see.. I guess studying in UP is a lot of harder,the task we've experience are part of our school challenges as we know..
    Parang mas torture ako kapag jan ako sa UP pumasok..hehe, this is just me. Since na ang mga magagaling na estudyante dyan pumapasok, at talaga namang high standard kung baga..hehe.

    Biology do have some Chemistry parts. I guess those were connected. Oh and how about your math?
    Thanks for understanding. Well I had a bad afternoon after being careless about the exam. It was too close to reach the passing score yet because of my stupid carelessness broke it. I felt worst thinking they'll be diagnostic exam which is 20% of our grade.. Another thing is calculus which I find it hard to understand. Taking chemistry course is really connected with mathematics, and no doubt, the harder it will be the better opportunity for a job in the near future. That's one of my reasosn taking Chemistry course, even though I've been expecting the challenge it will bring.

    Sensya po, madrama lang XD haha

    I'm taking the said course in BU.. It was fun yet it's too early to say so sudden..( I meant the course)XD Are you taking science related course?
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