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  • On that note, now that I look back...ugh. I was such an egocentrical and snarky little bitch during that time. I am so sorry if you were ever subject to that. T_T
    ...Whoa. You know, for some reason I was thinking that you WERE the sewaddle / "cheworm" fan then. Didnt you have one of those lick icons of a Sewaddle? Or maybe it was a different kind of icon. But sewaddle nevertheless.

    Lol, that is really strange. but cool! XD
    Yeah, it's completely custom made. ^^; The leaves' depth is completely funky and kinda flat-looking though. Ah well, I'll try harder next time. x3
    you didn't vm me before but that's okay

    you're so welcome!!!!!! i love u and i didn't know anything else that you'd like that i wanted to give away (i'm still sort of attached to my pkmn bc i'm sad)

    u had better love him or i kill u

    merry christmas, morru bb!!!!!!! i hope santa brings u nice presents
    Actually, the funny thing about that is that I got that idea from a user here before its English name came out. I don't know if that was you--but that would be cool if it was--but I really thought the name was cute and clever so I kinda hoped for it to be named that! XD Ah well, Sewaddle is a cute name, too. In my honest opinion that is probably the most adorable Bug-type Pokemon beside Wurmple and Caterpie. XD

    Thanks for offering to curate it, btw! :D Despite the fact that apparently the image is broken for you. XD
    Mkay, that's fine! :) Do you want to make the thread for the battle that way we can find a judge?
    I thought the same thing when I saw it.

    No biggy bro, just post when you can.
    Hey, I just wanted to let you know I'm pretty much free whenever for our contest battle. I'm in the EST timezone, if that helps at all. :3 If we have to, I'm okay with doing it on the forum.
    Hey Morru, before I start your run, you might want to include the EMs on your Xatu :>
    heyy Morru shouldnt you be the one to send a move first? I mean, I sent first last turn ^^; it's fine if you want me to send first tho :>
    so.. VM cos you wanted me to VM you before I make the battle thread xD feel like I'm gonna be crushed by you tho xD
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