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  • Hey, where do you live, anyway? That picture of you in the pictures thread looks kinda-sorta tropical... probably not anywhere near here, we aren't tropical at all. XD
    I'm not stalking your visitor messages. I saw you mention it in some thread... I forget which (typical). Speaking of which, you should join the Bulbagayden Chatroom group. It's pretty fun... $¥ and Mitsuru have the funniest conversations!

    About the picture thread, I've actually posted in it a few times, but deleted the post every time. I'm kinda shy like that... heheh. Maybe I'll post a picture today.
    Of course you're cute...

    And yeah, I knew you were gay, but considering that I am too that doesn't really matter. :3
    I know how that is. With school and stuff starting back, people don't have much time to do anything. But, you still write good stuff. =)
    oh, ok.

    i need a job. i've been thinking about it for the past couple of months. my only problem is that i don't feel like conforming to the rules and regulations... like i wouldn't want to wear uniforms and such. i'd like to wear my own clothes and stick with my own style. for example, i'd like to be able to wear my hoody, as well as my sunglasses... but idk if the person in charge of the store would let me do so.
    LOL. it depends how you use it and what kind you useee. if you apply it at the roots, your hair will definitely become oily until you wash it again. but if you apply it further down the roots, it'll turn out nice and soft. oh, and shiny. :thumbup: but anyways, it might just be your hair. everyone's hair reacts differently with products, so :\.

    because your hair colour will have different shades. if you bleached it and then toned it, you'd have even results. so rather than having dark areas, light areas, white areas, you'd only have one colour. it only damages your hair if it is unhealthy or if you bleach it more than once a day. plus, that's why we use conditioners... to repair damaged hair xD

    well you know, if you bleached your hair, it would turn out extremely light, hence your current hair colouuurrrr. you'd just have to use a toner afterwards so that it gets silver.
    yessir. i swear i knew you'd look like that. =D i've always thought you wore glasses though, hehe. your hair looks cool too. it's so bushy. you should dye it. :p
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