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  • Hey

    I'm just saying, and don't take me hard, I really need you to post in Crumbling City.

    It's been 4 days since anyone's been able to post, and we really need you to because were in the middle of a battle.

    I'm not trying to annoy you.
    Psypokes...I've heard of it, but I've never gone there. No, no plans for New Year's, really. Just going to hang out with some friends of mine that I haven't seen in AGES.
    Ugh, no kidding...*sigh* I wish you could have been here a year or so ago. Things were so much better back then; not only in terms of the quality of stories, but people didn't seem to have this ADD-like compulsion that another page had to be up every five minutes or things were moving too slowly. I almost wish I could put up an RPG of my own to try and emulate how things were back then, but I know I'd hate having to enforce a 'post-per-time' limit.
    ...uh, you know, that isn't cool. you sound like you have a serious superiority complex. :/

    just sayin'.
    i use another facebook for irl friends that only ix and datvu are added on from internetz, and i cba using the other one really.

    and too many people talk to me on msn so no, i'm not online ;o

    and hey no lady gaga parody is <3
    not sure how being annoying should be punishable by death :s

    and...uh, sure, i'm looking forward to christmas. what are you getting this year?
    I'm sorry, but sing ups are closed and I really couldn't handle any more people at this point but there are more RPs in the section if you want you can join one of them, my friend Touhou Dial Star is starting an RP today but the sign up is still open.
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