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Recent content by Mr. Slowpoke

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    What youtube video did you watch last?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CG9-SCVc-E0 Goodnight, everybody!
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    In Which Generation Did You Start Playing Pokémon, and what was your first game?

    Started in Gen II with Crystal. Although, I did play my cousin's Pokémon Blue game :S
  3. M

    My splices :3

    Igglybuff x Rayquaza is the greatest thing ever! Although, the Blaziken x Scizor x Mewtwo still has some signs of Mewtwo's ears/ horns there. You should remove those....
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    Where does everyone get their BW Sprites from?

    I mainly use Spriter's Resource, but the reason I do so is because they also have sprites from other game I use like Super Mario Kart.
  5. M

    The Angel Pokemon

    That's awesome! You could've also used Pidgeot's/ Pidgeotto's wing's, though.... Now make more!
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    British gamers aim to catch 151 Pokémon for charity: Charitable effort in aid of the

    Re: British gamers aim to catch 151 Pokémon for charity: Charitable effort in aid of The only thing I wonder is: are they going to use multiple games or the Japanese Blue version in order to obtain every Pokémon?
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    I actually feel like posting on the forums again....

    This is also my welcome post because I never made one (I only did it once on another forum), so now I want mah replies saying ''Welcome to the forums. Have a great time.''
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    What video games are you playing now?

    Currently playing: Spore: My laptop has returned, so now I am able to play it (got it for Christmas). Team Fortress 2: What did you expect? I have a TF2 related avatar for a reason. Some mod for NSMBWii: it makes the game pretty hard and it's also fun!
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    My Awesome Sprite Shop - Closed for now :(

    Re: My Awesome Sprite Shop :) Can you make me a Mewtwo ball, please?
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    Rules Signature Rule Update

    How's my sig?
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    Can you name every Pokémon/Do you know every Pokémon by their names? // Poll added!

    Re: Can you name every Pokémon/Do you know every Pokémon by their names? // Poll adde I know almost everything from all Pokémon up to Gen IV. I have yet to remember the Gen V info.
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    Voltorb Flip or Slots?

    Wait a sec! You could BUY coins in Platinum??!? I should've figured that out earlier! :/
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    Voltorb Flip or Slots?

    Even though the Slots is an easier way to obtain coins (it's just spamming buttons while watching TV), Voltorb Flip is pretty fun. Not to mention it's a better replacement for the Slots than the crap they gave us in the EU version of Platinum (try to get a considerable amount of coins there).
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    What Pokemon other fictional characters would use

    The Sniper needs a Pokémon based on piss... Mario: Shroomish Squirtle Carnivine Goldeen All Pokémon that are based on the same thing as common Mario enemies. (Goomba, Turtle, Piranha Plant and Cheep-Cheep).
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    Welcome to BMGf. :D