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  • I hear you have contrary snivys. I'm interested in one. Here's my info 3DS Name: Kyle, Friend Code: 4828-5602-4809. I've got access to lots of hidden abilities including ditto so I might have something that interests you. I just need the ability so IV breeding and females aren't necessary.
    Oh that's okay, don't worry about it giving me the Weavile :) I kept trying to get you a Ditto, but wasn't able to get it to work without it telling me it couldn't be traded--honestly I have no idea what I did wrong. I appreciate your patience though ^_^
    Woahh, it's telling me the Ditto can't be traded. Lemme try to figure out the problem, okay? ^^; Sorry.
    Hey, yeah I saw it but just got back home sorry. My FC is 2277-6855-9052 and my IGN is Vanessa. Thank you :)
    ok i ill battle :D just let me go for my pokemons and ut on your pal pad BTW your image freaks me out LOL
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